Monday, 22 December 2008

From a Raven to a Manta

First up is my latest DC to Marvel makeover figurine. This time it was the turn of DC's Raven. As soon as I saw this figurine I thought of only one Marvel character and that was the Imperial Guards Manta!

Manta shot 2

She was mainly a clip and file job. But I did do a little sculpting on her cloak, mainly around the neck. The photo though dosen't show how striking the inside of her cloak really is though! Doh!

Raven to Manta

Right as for my scratch build he is all sculpted and molded to the final shape but... I brought a new batch of clay and this one (although in the same packaging) has a higher baking level and it's because of this it's taking an age to dry! But do not fear I will have photos up soon of this beast!

Hulk army

Thanks to Marvelhero for sharing his photos of his Red Hulk with everyone. Marvelhero said: "Absolutley stunning mate im well chuffed with it even the mrs said it was mint and thats summat!!" Cheers bud!

Also people who follow this blog and would like a place to talk about the Marvel/DC Eaglemoss collection should check out this forum: It's a cool, chilled place and I have to say one of the better forums out there for discussions on these topics. I'm there too so please pop over and say hello.

Next time for the Marvel makeover it's the turn of Donna Troy and Anti-Monitor again X-People are in the pipeline. Also soon I will post some long awaited photos of my customs and EM figurine collection!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Seeing Red in 3-D!?!

Thanks for the massive feedback on my Rogue custom. My next one is back to what sets me apart from other customisers. The DC to marvel makeover and this time it's the turn of Booster Gold. For his makeover I went for the modern version of 3-DMan!

3-D ManLooking cool!

Next up! I got a figurine request I've been wanting to try for along time. Marvelhero asked me to sort him out with a 'Red Hulk' custom re-paint. So I gladly accepted. I'm really happy with how he turned out.

Red Hulk Smash!!

Next time it's Raven from DC who has to face my paintbrush! Also another scratch build and some more requests are all upcoming... Keep an eye open!

Saturday, 6 December 2008

A Rogue Tale

I was asked to do this custom for a guy about 5 months ago when the first photos were shown of DC's Starfire. But I've not heard a peep so I went ahead and made her anyway. It's Rogue! The 90's Rogue!


But now she has a new owner and that's my sister. She as well as me grew up with the 90's X-Men Cartoon and with my fave always being Cyclops hers was Rogue. The photo below is my sister in her Rogue costume for my 26th birthday in March. Where the theme was X-Men vs. Street fighter! Her boyfriend is in the photo too: Gambit!

Rogue & Gambit

I saw that in a recent competition a Rogue custom was made and won one of the catagories. Nice one bud! My version of Rogue is not a copy as I styled her in my own way. I hope everyone like her.

RogueRogue #1

Expect another update real soon for the fate of Booster Gold and a Special sized commission!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I'm X-Static about an Emperor!

I've been a tad busy this week getting a Scratch build, a commission and a DC/Marvel character sorted out. So first up I thought I'd share my latest scratch built figurine with you. If you follow my blog you'll know that the guy below is my third scratch build (1st being Shuma-Gorath and 2nd being The Brood) built from nothing but a ball of clay! This time around I went for Doop! I'm not sure what he does now in the MU but he was a member of X-Static!

The birth of Doop

He was good fun to sculpt. But his tiny hands/arms broke off quite alot whilst painting haha! Also as you can see the commission piece is also from the group X-Static. His name is Orphan.


This photo below shows the two groupies together. It also gives you a good idea on the size of Doop!

A team forms

Now last but not least here is the fate of DC's Nightwing. I went for a fairly simple re-paint with some minor sculpting. But I was really impressed here with the painting I achieved on him. So now Nightwing is no more and the villainous summers brother Vulcan stands in his place.

VulcanVulcan closer up

Next time I will move onto a bigger re-paint for a commission. He's been done afew times by other people but not by me haha! Also look out for the next DC makeover! It's the turn of: Booster Gold. Now this guy if you didn't know has a similar if not the same pose as the Loki figurine!!!

Friday, 14 November 2008

Night of the Warwolf!!

This week I have two DC to Marvel transformations to show off. The first is the latest DC special of Killer Croc. I did loads of filling and claying on this one to get the look I wanted for a Warwolf.


The next Marvel makeover went to the DC hero Martian Manhunter. I did a fairly simple change here and made him the marvel character Doorman. Martian Manhunter was originally going to be Deathurge but Doorman (looking pretty much the same and I think they are the same in the MU in a strange way?) had them cool white diamonds over his eyes! So I went for him. As Deathurge (minus the eyes patches) looked like he was missing something.

DoormanThe lone Warwolf

I have a few more requests to finish off for people and once they are done I will move on to another scratch build figurine. As for the DC/Marvel makeover next up for the chop is: Nightwing!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The English Rose

I've Been so busy recently what with Halloween and all... But I am back into the swing of things and as I was requested to do this custom figurine along time ago I thought I'd do a blog post all about her. This character is a made-up character called: The English Rose. But to her owner (Nick Wild) she is as real as any other Marvel or DC character out today.

The English Rose

The English Rose is a character created in the mega game: City of Heroes and she has been around for 4 years! She of course is a Hero and her ability is to fire energy blasts through her hands.

Another shot of her

This character was my first proper go at making a cloak! Also as you can see from the photos she is a quality hero and I reckon she would fit quite nicely into the Marvel Universe.

Soon I'll show another commission and finally see the fate of Killer Croc and M.Manhunter!!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

They came from the Cosmos

The fate of DC's Starfire is revealed and this time I went for a character which to me looked very similar in stance and pose. I went for Marvels Aeglis: The lady of all sorrows! She is again a fairly new character and is a great alley to the villainous Tenebrous.

Aeglis! Aegis & Tenebrous

The first photo is of Aeglis and the next her mate Tenebrous (who if you remember I made from DC's Darkseid). Are these the first two of the 'Proemial Gods'?

Now for the first of my commissions. The In-Betweener I made for an awesome guy: Graham Cherry. He asked me to do this ages ago and I finally got around to doing it. So below is The In-Betweener.

The In-Betweener

Again on this blog expect to see some more changes. Mainly in how I display my work and also thank you again to everyone who keeps me busy and shows me massive support!

Next time see an unknown but awesome little figurine! Her name is The English Rose.... Who you say?? Well you'll have to wait and see. Also expect to see the fate of M.Manhunter and Killer Croc in the next wave of DC Marvel makeovers! Then I'll start my next scratch build! Fing Fang Foom? Could be...?

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Here begins a new stage in Ace Customs!

Hot off making my first ever scratch built figurine (Shuma-Gorath) I got the buzz to do it again. I wanted to make someone full of detail but has a big effect in the Marvel universe. So I went for a Brood warrior.

The Brood

I think it's amazing that 5 months ago I had no idea how to do any of this stuff!. I still remember my first re-paint (The Spot) and now as I've got more experienced and am 100% confident I can create figurines that are all me. No base figurine - just a ball of clay! I want to make afew of these and I'm enjoying making monsters/alien races. If anyone has any ideas for my next scratch built project please let me know as I'm alittle stuck for ideas ATM.

The Brood

Thanks also to everyone who's signed upto my blog. It's much appricated. And get ready for a wave of commissions soon...

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Secret Six: Revealed

I've been wanting to show my Secret Six for ages now! And I finally think it's time I revealed all of them to the world. Afew people have seen just one guy of the six and he is my first ever scratch build! I made him from a ball of clay and turned him into a completely unique figurine. He is Shuma-Gorath and I consider him my best custom to date!!

It's Shuma-Gorath

The next guy below is Sauron! He has a custom built head, wings and feet as well and having really heavy filing etc... He looks totally wicked in my display.


The next 2 are both of my normal standard, which is using a base character and building up/down around his original base. They are again Marvel villains and they are: Boomerang and The Black Tarantula. Both awesome fun to sculpt and re-design.

Boomerang & The Black Tarantula

The final 2 of The Secret Six are: The Beetle and Whirlwind. Again 2 villains and as you can see I used a similar style for Whirlwind which was last seen in my Vapor custom!

Whirlwind & The Beetle

I was hoping that these 6 would do really well in the competition and I think they all would have... Maybe most would have won it and I still believe these six are the reason I'm out of the competition?

Next time it's back to the DC conversions so make way for the fate of Starfire. I'm also starting my next wave of commissions, so look out for them in the near future.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Can the Riddler solve this Riddle??

First up is my latest DC - Marvel conversion. And it was the turn of the Riddler. I decided to do a character that matched him (kinda) in appearence and wouldn't be a massive job! So I went for Marvels Ringmaster!

The Ringmaster

Now over to the recent events that happened over on the superherofigurineforums. I don't want to dwell on it. This is all I'll say about it.

In brief: It basically started when I recieved a comment from Richard Jackson. Time went by and an admin left. He asked me to pass on why he left to another admin. I did.. I asked that something should be done.. As the days followed I couldn't sign in, then I could, my crib was closed, then opened. Then I was blocked, unblocked. Then I send off my 6 custom entries and the next day I get a 60 day ban. For what I was told because I have 7 accounts!!! I tried to stand my ground and tell the truth as best I could but it was me against many so I aceppted my fate and now just post things here on my re-vamped blog. I'm a tad gutted that I'm no longer allowed to take part in the competition. And if that wasn't enough my old web blog address ( has also been taken by the forum to stop people from contacting me. But everything happens for a reason and this can only be a good thing.

The Secret Six

Anyways that behind me... My six. Named the Secret Six can be seen above (kinda)! Next week I will reveal all of them in detail to the blog so you can see who and what I had planned for the competition. Is this the reason why I was really rejected? I'll never know!!!

Also you'll notice afew changes around my blog. The main thing is the followers app (on the right hand menu). Please it would be awesome if you would be kind enough to follow this blog as it gives you upadtes when I post a new post and also if you sign up I will offer a small discount with my customs... There's inscentive haha!. Keep an eye open for more changes around here soon.

Friday, 3 October 2008


I thought I'd it was about time I posted my latest DC to Marvel conversion. This time I went for a new villain in the MU. He's not too well known but a very cool looking guy. So Shamza (DC) was re-made into Anti-Man!

Anti-man has something to smile about!

The next DC figurine to face my Marvel hand is The Riddler. I'm looking forward to doing this guy as the pose is awesome and the Marvel guy I have lined up will fit the pose perfect! Also as you all know their is a custom comp over on the superherofiguineforums and I have been busy getting afew figurines ready. I've tried new styles and a character(s) never approached before. Can't wait to show everyone who I've done!!!!

Sometime in November you will see my entry! But till then my DC/Marvel conversions will still be going ahead as always. And finally here is Tenebrous in his new home!! Awesome!! Thanks Graham - Glad you like him!

tenebrous with his new clan

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Working hard... Working FAST!

Right I have finally got around to doing an update for all you people out there who view my blog and follow my work. It's nothing big but for the time being I am not taking any commissions as I'm working hard getting some top customs in for a competition over on the superherofigurineforums. You wont see these guys/girls till around mid November!!! - It'll fly by, so don't worry.

As for Shazam he is finished but I'm unsure yet weather to post him here or save him for a later showing? I dunno yet?? but, The Riddler I have agreat idea for! But you'll have to wait till The Riddler is released to see his Marvel fate!

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Stars & stripes Marvel style!

First up! Supergirl was the latest DC figurine to get the Marvel treatment! And I decided to turn her into an old school marvel heroine and that's Miss America!

Miss America Close up

On the Commission front I have finished a request for Death's Head and he can be seen below. What an awesome figurine he was to make and a great challenge to aswell. As for my next wave of commissions keep an eye open as I have been asked to attempt something different!!! But cool!!! Still on the theme of heroes but not from marvel or DC... Also I still have that mystery new figurine I'm working on...

Death's head

I have also included a freebie I recieved the other day from Eaglemoss to help with my customs. Apparently there an old style base, used in the old days on the CMFC... Cheers EM!

Old style bases

Saturday, 6 September 2008

It's a 'Special' day!

Bane has been beaten into shape with a new Marvel face! I wanted to for a bit more well known guy with him as for one he is the perfect shape/size and second I always wanted to own... Cyber in my collection! So Bane is now known as Cyber (an enemy of Wolverine). Not my best but I like him :D

Cyber Cyber again

On the commission front I have finally finished my 2nd Tenebrous. Again as with any customs I re-do they turn out alot better (because the more I do the better techniques I learn) so you have a top custom there Graham mate. Now I'm going to move onto my next *new* commission who will hopefully look amazing!

Tenebrous V.2 Tenebrous

I also recieved a really awesome email from Richard Jackson over at EM (Eaglemoss) and here is some of what he said to me. It's reguarding my Warlock custom.

"Warlock looks really good, I'm very impressed with the paint standard you achieve on your figures as many of the homebrew figures tend to lack a little something when it comes to the painting, yours however look fantastic."

"It certainly makes me consider putting Warlock in the collection."

He said some more stuff about a question I asked earlier. But then he said this....

"Anywho, consider them a 'no-prize' prize for all the great customs you've made."

What could the freebie be? You'll have to wait but it's very kind of him indeed and I am most greatful.

On a final note I'm in the process of starting a new *secret* figurine! But a special one! I'm going for a toughie, but as I always say if I can make Onslaught then I can make anyone! And check the photo below of Onslaught with his Sentinel haha! I got another one on the way so with two he'll look awesome!!!

Onslaught commands one Sentinel

Monday, 1 September 2008

The Scarecrow isn't so scary!

I was going to save this custom for a possible future upcoming custom competition over on the superheroesforums but I decided to just post him now as well I think he rocks and I really can't wait to show everyone! Ok So with Scarecrow being an odd shaped dude I had to go for an odd shaped marvel dude. So I went with Warlock! A bizarre ally to the X-Men. I did afair bit of sculpting on him and filing deep into his chest! Poor Scarecrow.

Warlock Warlock again

As for my customs I am making three as commissions. They are: Tenebrous, Batman Beyond & another guy I have never considered making - till now (looking forward to this one). I'm also making a ROM for my own collection. Once these are finished they will be posted on here.... This week also Look out for Onslaught and his Sentinels photo and another DC character to face the chop.... Bane! But who's he gonna be?

Here's the next custom wave in the early stages

Monday, 25 August 2008

The 4 disband & Commission update

Just thought I'd share with you the customs heading off to lands afar! Batman & Wild Thing are setting off to further afield in the UK whilst ROM is heading overseas to Florida!!! lucky git!

Who wants an Acex51 job?

The Spot on the other hand is having his fate decided here on Ebay - so if you fancy a bid go for it and best of luck. I'm so surprised at how well he's doing! Thank you! As for commissions I'm gonna have to say no for now as I've been swamped with requests. I need to sort out the people who have requests so far. Hang in there everyone else and thanks again.

Packaged up... The Spot still waits

Friday, 22 August 2008

The Custom 4

All week I have been doing four Custom figurines. They are for three guys off of the superherofigurineforums and one for Ebay. The four figurines are: Batman Beyond (wadders), ROM (kamandi), The Spot (Ebay) and Wild Thing (Bobbyvjay). This project had alot of firsts for me: I did my first ever DC customisation and this was my my first ever set of commissions.

ROM Batman beyond The Spot Wild Thing

Also I took my Lex Luthor customising video to the next level and recorded these guys being made - kinda... Take alot at the Custom 4 video on youtube to view how these were made. And finally if you would like the chance to own The Spot custom then please have a bid on Ebay.

The Custom 4

Next week I'm back on track giving Scarecrow the good old Marvel treatment.