Thursday, 31 July 2008

Lex Luthor is next for the chop!

I'm back onto the DC customs again now and with Lex Luthor I thought I'd record the progress of him to Trevor Fitzroy in photo stages.
You can view the video here: and I hope it helps people out as to my methods of approaching a fresh figurine from start to finish.

Trevor Fitzroy

With the plastic I found is really hard to get it to look right. As you know Fitzroys armour is covered in a shield around the top-half of his body. but I found it sooo hard so I kinda of abdomded it for now and made fitzroy without the plastic shield. I personally think he looks better though.

trevor Fitzroy

I get alot of emails daily about Commissions and all I can say is I can't make something for everyone if I do start to make customs for cash rather than for my own collection then it'll be a gradual thing - as I don't want to be overloaded. But please let me know on here who you'd like me to make etc...

Ebay is going awesomely. I had no idea my custom would pick up so much feedback and interest. I know my auction finishes this Saturday (2nd August) but I am away in London till the 3rd. So I'll get back to the winner ASAP (will be the 3rd but in the evening). All I can say is look out for either The Spot of Captain Universe going on Ebay soon!

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Another U-Foe for the books

Awhile back I made my first U-Foe who was Ironclad from the DC Special of Doomsday. I've always wanted to complete the 4-some of the U-Foes so last night I started on the Teams girl - Vapor. With her I wanted to go for a 'dramatic pose' so I got the clay out and started to sculpt from a badly broken Psylocke figurine from Marvel. Below are before and after photos of Vapor.

The start of vapor The finished Vapor

I like to try new things and experiment with the customs I do. So going for a figurine with a different pose and with alot of detail was another great challenge for me. Like with Lex Luthor I'm going to use a new material.... Plastic!!! And also record making him in a totally different way....

The U-Foes: Vapor & Ironclad

So with two out of the four U-Foes down the other two will be done sometime in the future finishing the Super Villain team. The last two are: Vector and X-Ray.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Information overload

I have been a very busy Bee in the last couple of days. The most important thing I have been doing is getting Doctor Demonicus up and ready for sell on Ebay and a new Spot custom for use in a prize draw on I'm putting Spot into the prize draw as a thank you to Grim for all his effort in making a top site and forum.

Doctor Demonicus & The Spot

The Doctor Demonicus custom can be seen here: Ebay Auction and as a thank you for visiting my blog you are entitled to Free postage! I will refund this to you when the auction ends! The discount only applies if you mention to me that you visit my blog and also by leaving me afew comments on my posts etc... The winner of the auction will recieve my 2nd Doctor Demonicus custom. I will only ever be making two. (I'll have one and so will the lucky winner) But whilst making a new DD for Ebay I made his logo alot better so I re-painted the logo on my original DD custom. Looks way better!! See the below photo.

As well as all the above I wanted to make my display unit stand out from other collections so I have been painting the Marvel red and white logo on all the Marvel display bases - which I think makes the base look quality! On the topic of bases the very controversial Abomination base is now in hand and I changed his base over to the proper Marvel black base which now makes him look like he belongs in the collection.

Abomination & The re-painted Doctor Demonicus The Spot you could win

Now over to what I do best! Customising DC figurines and this time it's poor old Lex Luthor who after his transformation will look completely different.... Think another X-Villain - he'll be a challenge!

Monday, 21 July 2008

An X-Villian rises: Proteus

My Thing custom re-make is finally up! I had a fiddle with him and he did actually start out as Rockslide in his Lava form. But Rockslide is a big built guy not fat muscley like The Thing (it didn't look right) and he actually looked more like another X-Men character... Proteus


Next week it's back to the DC universe as Lex Luthor will get the Marvel treatment... But who will he be? Clue... X Marks the spot!!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

The Thing gets a make over...

The Thing is finally finished with both his arms being resculpted, his height increased and he has been turned into a new Marvel figurine... but who?

Poor Thing

Above is a preview of some of the work on The Thing figurine. Check back soon and see who he's been turned into.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Making my Customs to Sell

Thank you for the interest. I am now getting to the frame of mind where I would like to make some of my customs for other people. I'm still not 100% sure though as time for me is alittle tight. I think I'll do them in waves or something. I just want to get an idea of who would like what custom made and how many people would be interested.

I'm first considering putting a custom on Ebay for starters to see how it does.

I'll let you know as and when that happens. But keep an eye open for my next custom based on The Thing (by the time I'm finished with him he'll look nothing like the thing haha) and this will be closely followed by DC's Lex Luthor who will also get the Marvel treatment.

Thursday, 17 July 2008


The first ever DC figurine I picked up was The Flash and I decided to give customizing ago by doing a simple re-paint and turning him into Marvels Spot. As more DC figurines were released I decided to make more! so the list continued and I got more daring with my customizing by turning to clay to make even crazier figurines! I also have used spare parts from other Marvel figurines to create other marvel heroes/villains. They were: Constrictor & Onslaught.

Please check back and see what the next DC figurine will be turned into! I will also be happy to assist with your own customs.

My newest custom is Ras Al Ghul. I turned him into a Marvel villain named: Doctor Demonicus