Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Another U-Foe for the books

Awhile back I made my first U-Foe who was Ironclad from the DC Special of Doomsday. I've always wanted to complete the 4-some of the U-Foes so last night I started on the Teams girl - Vapor. With her I wanted to go for a 'dramatic pose' so I got the clay out and started to sculpt from a badly broken Psylocke figurine from Marvel. Below are before and after photos of Vapor.

The start of vapor The finished Vapor

I like to try new things and experiment with the customs I do. So going for a figurine with a different pose and with alot of detail was another great challenge for me. Like with Lex Luthor I'm going to use a new material.... Plastic!!! And also record making him in a totally different way....

The U-Foes: Vapor & Ironclad

So with two out of the four U-Foes down the other two will be done sometime in the future finishing the Super Villain team. The last two are: Vector and X-Ray.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ace :P Vapor looks amazing! I love the dramatic pose! You're def mr talented aren't you ay!! :) Turnip xx

Anonymous said...

Nice mate. You just get better and better - stu

Anonymous said...

Some fantastic sculpting there and the painting is first class!
Good job!


matt lock said...

the figure's are looking cool,this time next year you'll a millionaire if you keep making them this good