Thursday, 31 July 2008

Lex Luthor is next for the chop!

I'm back onto the DC customs again now and with Lex Luthor I thought I'd record the progress of him to Trevor Fitzroy in photo stages.
You can view the video here: and I hope it helps people out as to my methods of approaching a fresh figurine from start to finish.

Trevor Fitzroy

With the plastic I found is really hard to get it to look right. As you know Fitzroys armour is covered in a shield around the top-half of his body. but I found it sooo hard so I kinda of abdomded it for now and made fitzroy without the plastic shield. I personally think he looks better though.

trevor Fitzroy

I get alot of emails daily about Commissions and all I can say is I can't make something for everyone if I do start to make customs for cash rather than for my own collection then it'll be a gradual thing - as I don't want to be overloaded. But please let me know on here who you'd like me to make etc...

Ebay is going awesomely. I had no idea my custom would pick up so much feedback and interest. I know my auction finishes this Saturday (2nd August) but I am away in London till the 3rd. So I'll get back to the winner ASAP (will be the 3rd but in the evening). All I can say is look out for either The Spot of Captain Universe going on Ebay soon!

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Bobbyvjay said...

Oh I just missed out on Doctor Demonicus :( never mind I will wait until I can persuade you to make a Wild thing before I blow all my cash LOL :D keep up the good work mate I look forward to the next one.