Thursday, 17 July 2008


The first ever DC figurine I picked up was The Flash and I decided to give customizing ago by doing a simple re-paint and turning him into Marvels Spot. As more DC figurines were released I decided to make more! so the list continued and I got more daring with my customizing by turning to clay to make even crazier figurines! I also have used spare parts from other Marvel figurines to create other marvel heroes/villains. They were: Constrictor & Onslaught.

Please check back and see what the next DC figurine will be turned into! I will also be happy to assist with your own customs.

My newest custom is Ras Al Ghul. I turned him into a Marvel villain named: Doctor Demonicus


UK Cosmic said...

I'm a BIG follower of your work mate, you have a very unique talent. You can paint and sculpt

Starz & Stripes said...

Loving all of your work ace. Eagelmoss need take note and snap you up

Bug said...

Wow - nice paint