Monday, 21 July 2008

An X-Villian rises: Proteus

My Thing custom re-make is finally up! I had a fiddle with him and he did actually start out as Rockslide in his Lava form. But Rockslide is a big built guy not fat muscley like The Thing (it didn't look right) and he actually looked more like another X-Men character... Proteus


Next week it's back to the DC universe as Lex Luthor will get the Marvel treatment... But who will he be? Clue... X Marks the spot!!


Stars n Stripes said...

Great detail on Proteus. Another class custom Ace

prnied said...

I saw your Proteus on the forum. Excellent work -- I always marvel at the great work you customizers do. It's actually funto see the next "secret" project. Thanks for sharing your work

Sharky69 said...

Excellent work with this conversion James