Monday, 25 August 2008

The 4 disband & Commission update

Just thought I'd share with you the customs heading off to lands afar! Batman & Wild Thing are setting off to further afield in the UK whilst ROM is heading overseas to Florida!!! lucky git!

Who wants an Acex51 job?

The Spot on the other hand is having his fate decided here on Ebay - so if you fancy a bid go for it and best of luck. I'm so surprised at how well he's doing! Thank you! As for commissions I'm gonna have to say no for now as I've been swamped with requests. I need to sort out the people who have requests so far. Hang in there everyone else and thanks again.

Packaged up... The Spot still waits

Friday, 22 August 2008

The Custom 4

All week I have been doing four Custom figurines. They are for three guys off of the superherofigurineforums and one for Ebay. The four figurines are: Batman Beyond (wadders), ROM (kamandi), The Spot (Ebay) and Wild Thing (Bobbyvjay). This project had alot of firsts for me: I did my first ever DC customisation and this was my my first ever set of commissions.

ROM Batman beyond The Spot Wild Thing

Also I took my Lex Luthor customising video to the next level and recorded these guys being made - kinda... Take alot at the Custom 4 video on youtube to view how these were made. And finally if you would like the chance to own The Spot custom then please have a bid on Ebay.

The Custom 4

Next week I'm back on track giving Scarecrow the good old Marvel treatment.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Customs galore

Not massive news but the customs for Bobbyvjay, Kamadi2, Matt & Wadders alongside afew other projects are now in full flow! Here's a before shot of the customs waiting the clippers, files and Paints... But who will they be?

Who will they be?

I also thought it was about time I added a photo of all my customs together. You'll notice an Arcade figurine in there. He's a custom I brought off of Archangelsr_uk and because the custom was so quality I never needed to customise The Joker. Soon I'm gonna buy them their own display case.

My lot of customs to date

Another angle with the Rose

DC's next figurine: Scarecrow is going to be another guy from the X-Universe.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Two-Face visits the Plastic Surgeon & I get a mention!!!

Poor old Two-Face! He's been filed/clipped and re-painted and now looks alot more like he can walk the streets during the day - well?? He's been transformed into The Kingpins son: The Rose from the Marvel Universe. I wanted to try something different again and this time I used fine wire and painted him in a cartoon way. Also he was my first go at sculpting clothing.

The Rose

Ok no more U-foes for me to sort out, so this week I'm gonna start working on afew commission customs. One I promised Bobbyvjay and another I promised to Wadders on the superheroforums. Also watch out for another (final) Spot teleporting onto Ebay very soon. The Next DC figurine to face the chop is Scarecrow.... I have someone in mind... But he'll be a tough one to do! As he is a mega weird shaped villain. I'm up for the challenge though. Thanks again for all the support.

He's in with my collection

and also I saved the best news till last! Richard Jackson the editor of the Marvel/DC figurines collection acknowledged my customs!!! He wrote this over on the superherofogurineforums:

Richard Jackson
Posted: Aug 14 2008, 07:50 PM
(woza @ Aug 14 2008, 07:44 PM)
Any thoughts on the thriving Custom scene we have here (and other forums)?

I'm very impressed with the custom scene and I've got to say there are a lot of talented people out there I personally love the idea of someone taking the DC collection and turning it into pure Marvel. Although I enjoy DC comics, I am a true Marvelite so I love the idea of turning Lex Luthor into Trevor Fitzroy. Well done Acex51.

I then thought I'm gonna ask him a quick Q! So with a push from my GF (Rosie) i did:

Richard Jackson
Aug 14 2008, 09:32 PM
(acex51 @ Aug 14 2008, 09:26 PM)

Hello Richard - thanks for the mention early. real cool of ya. I'm a marvelite too. just a quickly. In the poll for a special, Onslaught won which i was thrilled about. So does this mean that he'll be made and if so how long would it roughly take?

Thanks again

Onslaught is definitely my choice for the next mega special now, we'll just have to confirm wit marketing when we can slot this character in but I'll keep you all updated as it goes along.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

U-Foes: Completed

I've finished the final U-Foe. X-Ray is now in wth the rest of his team. So now the 4 U-Foes consist of: Ironclad, Vapor, Vector and X-Ray.

X-Ray my finally U-Foe X-Ray

With X-Ray I went for his classic look. His modern look is awesome but I think impossibe to do as a figurine. As he's 3D or see-through. The classic version was also good fun to paint.

The U-Foes are now complete

The next DC figurine will meet his maker tomorrow! Two-face will finally get turned into a Marvel figurine. The person I'm turning him into is a villain of both Spider-man & Daredevil.

As requested this is who X-Ray was before the change. I did some re-sculpting on his arms etc...

X-ray started out as Captain marvel

Monday, 11 August 2008

Change... Can only be a good thing!

First up. I have a lot of respect for the superherofigurinefoums but I feel my time for showing my customs there has ended. I have my reasons. But I'd like to thank all the members on the forum who have aided, supported and showed great interest in what I do. From now on I'll post my customs here. I have many wicked new ideas - not yet done with customs, which I think you'll love. So please come back and check here regually.

Spot with a Bowen karnak Spotty in his new home

These photos come with many thanks from Marvelbeast on the figurineforums. This is The Spot custom I made for a competition and Marvelbeast was the lucky winner. Here is The Spot in his new home. Thanks Marvelbeast.

Hmmm?? He's nearly finished

Ebay status time! My final Spot figurine will go up for auction next week (many thanks to all that voted), but who is after him is up to you! Please check out my poll. Also another sneak peak.... Who was he before and who is he now? he's nearly finished!!!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

That's 3... The U-Foes are up another Member!

Another U-foe has been customised by me and this time I went for: Vector. He is the 3rd to be made in this team - So there's one left. With Vapor & Ironclad I went for the more modern look but this time with Vector I went for his classic look. The newer look is cool but no way as fun to paint.

Three U-Foes

Vector Vector again

The last one remaining in the U-Foes is X-Ray and I hope to get him done once I have finished Two-Face from DC and given him the Marvel treatment he deserves.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Ebay and new customs!

WOW! Ebay was a turn for the books! I had no idea I'd sell Doctor Demonicus for £18! But thank you to everyone who took part in the bidding war and congratulations to the winner. I will be making another custom to put on Ebay and that (from the results) is going to be The Spot.

The Doctor is off & Away Spots all packaged up!

Also My 2nd Spot custom has been won on by Marvelbeast. Congratulations mate, I hope you enjoy displaying him and that he bulks out your Spider-man foes section.

And lastly here is a preview of my next custom project! But who is he?