Monday, 25 August 2008

The 4 disband & Commission update

Just thought I'd share with you the customs heading off to lands afar! Batman & Wild Thing are setting off to further afield in the UK whilst ROM is heading overseas to Florida!!! lucky git!

Who wants an Acex51 job?

The Spot on the other hand is having his fate decided here on Ebay - so if you fancy a bid go for it and best of luck. I'm so surprised at how well he's doing! Thank you! As for commissions I'm gonna have to say no for now as I've been swamped with requests. I need to sort out the people who have requests so far. Hang in there everyone else and thanks again.

Packaged up... The Spot still waits


Scott (Kamandi2) said...

I like the way you are numbering the bases. It lets you know how many times you made a character. :)

eponymous said...

Two for two on ebay. Whoop whoop!

James (Acex51) said...

Nice one bud :D - you ever want a guy made let me know

eponymous said...

I already have under a different pseudonym. Heh.