Monday, 11 August 2008

Change... Can only be a good thing!

First up. I have a lot of respect for the superherofigurinefoums but I feel my time for showing my customs there has ended. I have my reasons. But I'd like to thank all the members on the forum who have aided, supported and showed great interest in what I do. From now on I'll post my customs here. I have many wicked new ideas - not yet done with customs, which I think you'll love. So please come back and check here regually.

Spot with a Bowen karnak Spotty in his new home

These photos come with many thanks from Marvelbeast on the figurineforums. This is The Spot custom I made for a competition and Marvelbeast was the lucky winner. Here is The Spot in his new home. Thanks Marvelbeast.

Hmmm?? He's nearly finished

Ebay status time! My final Spot figurine will go up for auction next week (many thanks to all that voted), but who is after him is up to you! Please check out my poll. Also another sneak peak.... Who was he before and who is he now? he's nearly finished!!!


eponymous said...

So you've finished your U-foes? The base figure looks a little like Dormammu, but what do I know?

Oh, and I haven't got a camera so no photos of Dr D yet I'm afraid.

Keep up the good work.

James (Acex51) said...

Hey man! You've guessed it. Yeah he's X-Ray from the U-Foes. Just got to finish some of the finer detail and hopefully he'll be on here later today.

Nice guess on Dormammu but I didn't use him I used a character with a similar pose which I re-moulded abit. No worries about a pic I'm just glad you like old D/Demonicus

UK Cosmic said...

Hello ace, shame your no longer going to post your customs on the forums. You know you'll get less interest right? But I do completely agree with you though as to why. I spoke to Hammer_head and it's very childish. But don't worry I'll be here following your awesome work as you are IMO the best

James (Acex51) said...

Cheers Cosmic. I'm not really to fussed by how much interest I get on here. As long as I have afew people coming here to have alook and comment etc.. Then it's all worth it and also I really enjoy making customs and I just wanna share it with people one way or another.

Anyways I have full control over my blog which I like and on the forums I had very limited control over my crib. So it's all good and thanks for the people who come here and continue to take an interest

Stars n Stripes said...

Well said Ace. I really am enjoying seeing the U-Foes gather pase. The photo of all four of them will look fantastic.

I'm still interested in a vapor custom :D

Hammer Head said...

Hello ace very kind that you stood up for me but really there's no need to end your crib because of it. I know what the mods said and it was all made up and I'm glad that you believe me.

If Zombula can't take honest criticism then maybe he shouldn't make customs as any kind of art is open to good and bad criticism from different people.

Will you delete my comment if I say compared to your work their very average customs indeed? :D

Thanks Ace. You're a top bloke

Wadders said...

Looks like you wouldn't be able to post your customs there even if you wanted to mate as your customs crib has been locked :( Apparently we broke one of their rules by discussing how the mods broke their own rules when the deleted Hammer Heads account, the double standards over there are shocking sometimes!

James (Acex51) said...

Nevermind. Sorry Hammer_head I tryed my best for you but there's just no reasoning with them. It's a real shame. Anyways you're welcome on here.

Wadders you crack me up :p