Friday, 22 August 2008

The Custom 4

All week I have been doing four Custom figurines. They are for three guys off of the superherofigurineforums and one for Ebay. The four figurines are: Batman Beyond (wadders), ROM (kamandi), The Spot (Ebay) and Wild Thing (Bobbyvjay). This project had alot of firsts for me: I did my first ever DC customisation and this was my my first ever set of commissions.

ROM Batman beyond The Spot Wild Thing

Also I took my Lex Luthor customising video to the next level and recorded these guys being made - kinda... Take alot at the Custom 4 video on youtube to view how these were made. And finally if you would like the chance to own The Spot custom then please have a bid on Ebay.

The Custom 4

Next week I'm back on track giving Scarecrow the good old Marvel treatment.


Scott (Kamandi2) said...

They all look great (especially ROM, heh). I like the way the video shows all the progress. I hope you'll do videos of all your conversions now. :)

Toby1001 said...

You are very talented Ace. By the way I love ROM and Wildthing. heck all of them :)

Ryan Maxwell said...

More great work, Ace. I'm not a ROM fan, but that's an excellent figure.