Monday, 18 August 2008

Customs galore

Not massive news but the customs for Bobbyvjay, Kamadi2, Matt & Wadders alongside afew other projects are now in full flow! Here's a before shot of the customs waiting the clippers, files and Paints... But who will they be?

Who will they be?

I also thought it was about time I added a photo of all my customs together. You'll notice an Arcade figurine in there. He's a custom I brought off of Archangelsr_uk and because the custom was so quality I never needed to customise The Joker. Soon I'm gonna buy them their own display case.

My lot of customs to date

Another angle with the Rose

DC's next figurine: Scarecrow is going to be another guy from the X-Universe.


Rosie said...

The photos of all the customs look amazing!! I'd forgotten how many you'd made!! Turnip XXXXX

eponymous said...

Marvel should make this comic. I'd love to see how someone like Millar would work Onslaught and Night Thrasher into a team dynamic...Angel Summoner and BMX Bandit anyone? Anyone?

Jetset77 said...

A great collection there mate. Rose looks just like he did in the old spidey comics. You're indeed very talented. Also congrats on the message from Richard Jackson

LAWay said...

Cool customs man. Thought about doing these myself, but the things are so damn expensive, i just gotta be a collector at the moment. I've been getting into customs on action figures though.

Anyway, nice stuff here, and wicked news about that comment from the actual guy who makes these. Sentinel coming next, so who knows when onslaught will come.