Monday, 4 August 2008

Ebay and new customs!

WOW! Ebay was a turn for the books! I had no idea I'd sell Doctor Demonicus for £18! But thank you to everyone who took part in the bidding war and congratulations to the winner. I will be making another custom to put on Ebay and that (from the results) is going to be The Spot.

The Doctor is off & Away Spots all packaged up!

Also My 2nd Spot custom has been won on by Marvelbeast. Congratulations mate, I hope you enjoy displaying him and that he bulks out your Spider-man foes section.

And lastly here is a preview of my next custom project! But who is he?



Eponymous said...

Well worth it. I wouldn't pay that sort of money for any old crapola...thanks again.

James (Acex51) said...

Don't say that you've not got him yet! You might go what a pile of rubbish this custom is haha! but thanks mate and I do hope he sits well in your collection.

Let me know what you think. Any problems then gimmie a buzz

Stars n Stripes said...

I'm really glad it's all going well. I hope things go up and up for you ace. Can I ask for a request? I'd love a Night Trasher custom :) :) :)

Sharky69 said...

Woooo Spot! I'm up for him. The new guy looks cool. No idea who he is though???

eponymous said...

James, your fears were completely unfounded. I was already chuffed with it from the photos and was surprised to see that it really stands up to the closest scrutiny possible with its fantastic paint job, especially in the fine detail on the face. I think you're onto a winner (especially with the nice bonus under the base).

I'll be bidding on the next one without a doubt.

James (Acex51) said...

Thanks matey. I was a tad worried haha! If you win the next one you can have him with no postage. It's gonna be The Spot next. I'm really glad you like him though bud!

Thanks again - send me a photo if you wanna. I'd love to see him in his new collection. email: