Wednesday, 6 August 2008

That's 3... The U-Foes are up another Member!

Another U-foe has been customised by me and this time I went for: Vector. He is the 3rd to be made in this team - So there's one left. With Vapor & Ironclad I went for the more modern look but this time with Vector I went for his classic look. The newer look is cool but no way as fun to paint.

Three U-Foes

Vector Vector again

The last one remaining in the U-Foes is X-Ray and I hope to get him done once I have finished Two-Face from DC and given him the Marvel treatment he deserves.


Sharky69 said...

Ace! I really love it! vector is fantastic. he looks Ace (get it) next to the other U-Foes. Whens Spot up on Ebay??

Stars n Stripes said...

3 down 1 to go. Lovee him ace along with all the others you have done