Saturday, 6 September 2008

It's a 'Special' day!

Bane has been beaten into shape with a new Marvel face! I wanted to for a bit more well known guy with him as for one he is the perfect shape/size and second I always wanted to own... Cyber in my collection! So Bane is now known as Cyber (an enemy of Wolverine). Not my best but I like him :D

Cyber Cyber again

On the commission front I have finally finished my 2nd Tenebrous. Again as with any customs I re-do they turn out alot better (because the more I do the better techniques I learn) so you have a top custom there Graham mate. Now I'm going to move onto my next *new* commission who will hopefully look amazing!

Tenebrous V.2 Tenebrous

I also recieved a really awesome email from Richard Jackson over at EM (Eaglemoss) and here is some of what he said to me. It's reguarding my Warlock custom.

"Warlock looks really good, I'm very impressed with the paint standard you achieve on your figures as many of the homebrew figures tend to lack a little something when it comes to the painting, yours however look fantastic."

"It certainly makes me consider putting Warlock in the collection."

He said some more stuff about a question I asked earlier. But then he said this....

"Anywho, consider them a 'no-prize' prize for all the great customs you've made."

What could the freebie be? You'll have to wait but it's very kind of him indeed and I am most greatful.

On a final note I'm in the process of starting a new *secret* figurine! But a special one! I'm going for a toughie, but as I always say if I can make Onslaught then I can make anyone! And check the photo below of Onslaught with his Sentinel haha! I got another one on the way so with two he'll look awesome!!!

Onslaught commands one Sentinel


Wadders said...

That's great that he emailed you with those comments mate lord knows you deserve the recognition! I can't wait to see what he has given you I'm sure its great :D As for Cyber and Tenebrous what can I say? They are both up to your usual great standard, Cyber looks fantastic and again you have chosen a really good base fig he looks really menacing. I love the way you chose characters and then create them its really unique in the world of customizing these figurines. Keep up the top work buddy :)

Section8 said...

WOW! Tenebrous glows. hehe or seems to. Cyber is classy ace. Really like him. oooo Supergirl next!!!!!