Tuesday, 28 October 2008

They came from the Cosmos

The fate of DC's Starfire is revealed and this time I went for a character which to me looked very similar in stance and pose. I went for Marvels Aeglis: The lady of all sorrows! She is again a fairly new character and is a great alley to the villainous Tenebrous.

Aeglis! Aegis & Tenebrous

The first photo is of Aeglis and the next her mate Tenebrous (who if you remember I made from DC's Darkseid). Are these the first two of the 'Proemial Gods'?

Now for the first of my commissions. The In-Betweener I made for an awesome guy: Graham Cherry. He asked me to do this ages ago and I finally got around to doing it. So below is The In-Betweener.

The In-Betweener

Again on this blog expect to see some more changes. Mainly in how I display my work and also thank you again to everyone who keeps me busy and shows me massive support!

Next time see an unknown but awesome little figurine! Her name is The English Rose.... Who you say?? Well you'll have to wait and see. Also expect to see the fate of M.Manhunter and Killer Croc in the next wave of DC Marvel makeovers! Then I'll start my next scratch build! Fing Fang Foom? Could be...?

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Here begins a new stage in Ace Customs!

Hot off making my first ever scratch built figurine (Shuma-Gorath) I got the buzz to do it again. I wanted to make someone full of detail but has a big effect in the Marvel universe. So I went for a Brood warrior.

The Brood

I think it's amazing that 5 months ago I had no idea how to do any of this stuff!. I still remember my first re-paint (The Spot) and now as I've got more experienced and am 100% confident I can create figurines that are all me. No base figurine - just a ball of clay! I want to make afew of these and I'm enjoying making monsters/alien races. If anyone has any ideas for my next scratch built project please let me know as I'm alittle stuck for ideas ATM.

The Brood

Thanks also to everyone who's signed upto my blog. It's much appricated. And get ready for a wave of commissions soon...

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Secret Six: Revealed

I've been wanting to show my Secret Six for ages now! And I finally think it's time I revealed all of them to the world. Afew people have seen just one guy of the six and he is my first ever scratch build! I made him from a ball of clay and turned him into a completely unique figurine. He is Shuma-Gorath and I consider him my best custom to date!!

It's Shuma-Gorath

The next guy below is Sauron! He has a custom built head, wings and feet as well and having really heavy filing etc... He looks totally wicked in my display.


The next 2 are both of my normal standard, which is using a base character and building up/down around his original base. They are again Marvel villains and they are: Boomerang and The Black Tarantula. Both awesome fun to sculpt and re-design.

Boomerang & The Black Tarantula

The final 2 of The Secret Six are: The Beetle and Whirlwind. Again 2 villains and as you can see I used a similar style for Whirlwind which was last seen in my Vapor custom!

Whirlwind & The Beetle

I was hoping that these 6 would do really well in the competition and I think they all would have... Maybe most would have won it and I still believe these six are the reason I'm out of the competition?

Next time it's back to the DC conversions so make way for the fate of Starfire. I'm also starting my next wave of commissions, so look out for them in the near future.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Can the Riddler solve this Riddle??

First up is my latest DC - Marvel conversion. And it was the turn of the Riddler. I decided to do a character that matched him (kinda) in appearence and wouldn't be a massive job! So I went for Marvels Ringmaster!

The Ringmaster

Now over to the recent events that happened over on the superherofigurineforums. I don't want to dwell on it. This is all I'll say about it.

In brief: It basically started when I recieved a comment from Richard Jackson. Time went by and an admin left. He asked me to pass on why he left to another admin. I did.. I asked that something should be done.. As the days followed I couldn't sign in, then I could, my crib was closed, then opened. Then I was blocked, unblocked. Then I send off my 6 custom entries and the next day I get a 60 day ban. For what I was told because I have 7 accounts!!! I tried to stand my ground and tell the truth as best I could but it was me against many so I aceppted my fate and now just post things here on my re-vamped blog. I'm a tad gutted that I'm no longer allowed to take part in the competition. And if that wasn't enough my old web blog address (http://acex51customs.blogspot.com/) has also been taken by the forum to stop people from contacting me. But everything happens for a reason and this can only be a good thing.

The Secret Six

Anyways that behind me... My six. Named the Secret Six can be seen above (kinda)! Next week I will reveal all of them in detail to the blog so you can see who and what I had planned for the competition. Is this the reason why I was really rejected? I'll never know!!!

Also you'll notice afew changes around my blog. The main thing is the followers app (on the right hand menu). Please it would be awesome if you would be kind enough to follow this blog as it gives you upadtes when I post a new post and also if you sign up I will offer a small discount with my customs... There's inscentive haha!. Keep an eye open for more changes around here soon.

Friday, 3 October 2008


I thought I'd it was about time I posted my latest DC to Marvel conversion. This time I went for a new villain in the MU. He's not too well known but a very cool looking guy. So Shamza (DC) was re-made into Anti-Man!

Anti-man has something to smile about!

The next DC figurine to face my Marvel hand is The Riddler. I'm looking forward to doing this guy as the pose is awesome and the Marvel guy I have lined up will fit the pose perfect! Also as you all know their is a custom comp over on the superherofiguineforums and I have been busy getting afew figurines ready. I've tried new styles and a character(s) never approached before. Can't wait to show everyone who I've done!!!!

Sometime in November you will see my entry! But till then my DC/Marvel conversions will still be going ahead as always. And finally here is Tenebrous in his new home!! Awesome!! Thanks Graham - Glad you like him!

tenebrous with his new clan

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Working hard... Working FAST!

Right I have finally got around to doing an update for all you people out there who view my blog and follow my work. It's nothing big but for the time being I am not taking any commissions as I'm working hard getting some top customs in for a competition over on the superherofigurineforums. You wont see these guys/girls till around mid November!!! - It'll fly by, so don't worry.

As for Shazam he is finished but I'm unsure yet weather to post him here or save him for a later showing? I dunno yet?? but, The Riddler I have agreat idea for! But you'll have to wait till The Riddler is released to see his Marvel fate!