Monday, 13 October 2008

Can the Riddler solve this Riddle??

First up is my latest DC - Marvel conversion. And it was the turn of the Riddler. I decided to do a character that matched him (kinda) in appearence and wouldn't be a massive job! So I went for Marvels Ringmaster!

The Ringmaster

Now over to the recent events that happened over on the superherofigurineforums. I don't want to dwell on it. This is all I'll say about it.

In brief: It basically started when I recieved a comment from Richard Jackson. Time went by and an admin left. He asked me to pass on why he left to another admin. I did.. I asked that something should be done.. As the days followed I couldn't sign in, then I could, my crib was closed, then opened. Then I was blocked, unblocked. Then I send off my 6 custom entries and the next day I get a 60 day ban. For what I was told because I have 7 accounts!!! I tried to stand my ground and tell the truth as best I could but it was me against many so I aceppted my fate and now just post things here on my re-vamped blog. I'm a tad gutted that I'm no longer allowed to take part in the competition. And if that wasn't enough my old web blog address ( has also been taken by the forum to stop people from contacting me. But everything happens for a reason and this can only be a good thing.

The Secret Six

Anyways that behind me... My six. Named the Secret Six can be seen above (kinda)! Next week I will reveal all of them in detail to the blog so you can see who and what I had planned for the competition. Is this the reason why I was really rejected? I'll never know!!!

Also you'll notice afew changes around my blog. The main thing is the followers app (on the right hand menu). Please it would be awesome if you would be kind enough to follow this blog as it gives you upadtes when I post a new post and also if you sign up I will offer a small discount with my customs... There's inscentive haha!. Keep an eye open for more changes around here soon.

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James (Ace) said...

I decided to disable all posts to this entry as comments were just going around in circles. Alot of people were posting anonymously and the posts were in no way related to the customs I make.

I'm innocent of everything I have been accused of. But me against an army is just a loosing battle!

If you want to hear my detailed version of events then please email me: otherwise I just want to move on and make you guys and myself some top customs!!