Friday, 3 October 2008


I thought I'd it was about time I posted my latest DC to Marvel conversion. This time I went for a new villain in the MU. He's not too well known but a very cool looking guy. So Shamza (DC) was re-made into Anti-Man!

Anti-man has something to smile about!

The next DC figurine to face my Marvel hand is The Riddler. I'm looking forward to doing this guy as the pose is awesome and the Marvel guy I have lined up will fit the pose perfect! Also as you all know their is a custom comp over on the superherofiguineforums and I have been busy getting afew figurines ready. I've tried new styles and a character(s) never approached before. Can't wait to show everyone who I've done!!!!

Sometime in November you will see my entry! But till then my DC/Marvel conversions will still be going ahead as always. And finally here is Tenebrous in his new home!! Awesome!! Thanks Graham - Glad you like him!

tenebrous with his new clan


Kamandi2 said...

Looking good even though I have no clue who Anti-Man is. :)

I can't wait until the competition is over so I can see what you did (and so your schedule for commissions opens up, heh).

Hammer Head said...

very nice James. I dunno who he is either but he looks cool :)

Kev (G.Wonder) said...

Hello mate. So glad I saved this link as I can no longer get into the forums? Great Anti-Man but I look forward to seeing what you do with my request more lol

Angela said...

Hey bro!! Just thought I would show my support :o) Keep up the good work, you have worked your ass off to make these amazing customs - I think they are ace!! Haha, see what I did there!?!?

Chin up Mr and don't let the jealous people of the world bring you down!!

Lots of love xxxxxxxx