Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Secret Six: Revealed

I've been wanting to show my Secret Six for ages now! And I finally think it's time I revealed all of them to the world. Afew people have seen just one guy of the six and he is my first ever scratch build! I made him from a ball of clay and turned him into a completely unique figurine. He is Shuma-Gorath and I consider him my best custom to date!!

It's Shuma-Gorath

The next guy below is Sauron! He has a custom built head, wings and feet as well and having really heavy filing etc... He looks totally wicked in my display.


The next 2 are both of my normal standard, which is using a base character and building up/down around his original base. They are again Marvel villains and they are: Boomerang and The Black Tarantula. Both awesome fun to sculpt and re-design.

Boomerang & The Black Tarantula

The final 2 of The Secret Six are: The Beetle and Whirlwind. Again 2 villains and as you can see I used a similar style for Whirlwind which was last seen in my Vapor custom!

Whirlwind & The Beetle

I was hoping that these 6 would do really well in the competition and I think they all would have... Maybe most would have won it and I still believe these six are the reason I'm out of the competition?

Next time it's back to the DC conversions so make way for the fate of Starfire. I'm also starting my next wave of commissions, so look out for them in the near future.


Wadders said...

My god what words to use :O I was blown away by Shuma-Gorath when you showed me him and he still looks out of this world (excuse the pun :P)its so amazing how you sculpted him making him look so natural and windy. I am simply astounded by how good he looks.

Sauron looks just as good as anything the EM guys could/will make! The level of detail is sublime and the paintwork is some of your best to date. He is a great choice of character to make and you have done him total justice.

Boomerang is top class I recognized him straight away which is always a good sign :D The pose is perfect and again the paintwork and shading adds so much to the fig. Can't really see Black Tarantula but what I can see looks up to your usual high standard especially the mask!

Whirlwind looks brilliant, the wind effect looks just as good as it did on vapor he looks really evil. I love the costume especially the helmet. Beetle like boomerang is one I recognized straight away, another great choice of base fig for the pose it really suits him :)

I love how you have picked characters like these I'm not sure how many people would be brave enough to attempt them.

I am really sorry that they wont be in the competition work as good as this deserves to be showcased. You have a real talent here James you should be really proud of your work and thank you for taking the time to show us. Now give me all of them......:P

Ryan Maxwell said...

Outstanding work again, Ace. I'm going to miss you on the Forum, but I'm glad you've set up a showcase here. I mentioned that I felt you were the guy to beat in the competition and I see I was right. I'm nearly done with my third entry and only one comes close to your work here. Love the Beetle, I'm really hoping EM does him. Again, I need to step up the quality and imagination in my work, you're really blowing me away here. Best, Ryan

Turnip said...

Hey you!! As you know I love the Secret Six especially coz I saw you making them all! Shuma-Gorath is def my fave coz I got to see u make him from scratch! I'm sorry that they won't be in the competition, but to be honest they are way above all that anyway! X

Fast Al said...

Nice customs, Sauron looks good, was he sculpted, if so.... AWESOME.

Nice work


James (Ace) said...

Thanks for the awesome comments everyone. Ryan mate it's such a shame but I hope you and others can see from my would have been entries that I had no reason to cheat I had every hope in these guys. You're going to do well mate as I think your customs are quality. You'll have to set up a blog as I can't get into the forums haha!

Fast Al yeah Saurons head, wings and feet were all scratch built from clay

tim081 said...

top stuff as always mate :)

BugBags said...

Good stuff RatBoy - I like the Eye-Legs type one best ;)

Jayms said...

Very nice set. Would have been in with a good chance in the comp. Beetle and Shuma-Gorath are very good and either of those would have done very well. Sauron also very good and Black Tarantula. Not sure they would have won but they would likely have done well. Boomerage and Whirlwind are nice but but not as good as some of your other customs. Whirlwind is nothing compared to Vapor.

Still, all good work. In no way a Dead cert for the winners spot but some would likly done well.

Keep it up :)

Symbiote Sam said...

Brilliant! I remember Shuma from the old capcom vs games. You've captured him fantastically!!!!

Marvelbeast said...

Excellent figures as always and I think that most of them won't make it into the CMFC either. I'm hoping that we see an official Sauron or you'll be stuck making commissions of him for years for those of us who have to have him :)

I'm glad I can still get to see your work as it's bloody fantastic!