Tuesday, 28 October 2008

They came from the Cosmos

The fate of DC's Starfire is revealed and this time I went for a character which to me looked very similar in stance and pose. I went for Marvels Aeglis: The lady of all sorrows! She is again a fairly new character and is a great alley to the villainous Tenebrous.

Aeglis! Aegis & Tenebrous

The first photo is of Aeglis and the next her mate Tenebrous (who if you remember I made from DC's Darkseid). Are these the first two of the 'Proemial Gods'?

Now for the first of my commissions. The In-Betweener I made for an awesome guy: Graham Cherry. He asked me to do this ages ago and I finally got around to doing it. So below is The In-Betweener.

The In-Betweener

Again on this blog expect to see some more changes. Mainly in how I display my work and also thank you again to everyone who keeps me busy and shows me massive support!

Next time see an unknown but awesome little figurine! Her name is The English Rose.... Who you say?? Well you'll have to wait and see. Also expect to see the fate of M.Manhunter and Killer Croc in the next wave of DC Marvel makeovers! Then I'll start my next scratch build! Fing Fang Foom? Could be...?


Turnip said...

Ooohh lots of stuff to look forward to yippee! You are busy! xx

Mark Taylor said...

You have a talent there james. I love your Inbetweener and Aegis

Jayms said...

really good repaint there mate. other than the horn/spike on her head have you done any remodeling on her.

also i assume the inbetweener is good but i dont know the character so who knows lol. nice work non-the-less

James said...

Cheers guys. Aegis was a massive clip and file figurine! I re-sculpted her face and added 3 horns.. One on her head and two on each cheek. Apart from all that she was a welcome fast and easy custom to get finished. Thanks again for the thoughts.

I'm gonna jump ionto another scratch build after I've done the commissions and the next to DC people.

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