Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I'm X-Static about an Emperor!

I've been a tad busy this week getting a Scratch build, a commission and a DC/Marvel character sorted out. So first up I thought I'd share my latest scratch built figurine with you. If you follow my blog you'll know that the guy below is my third scratch build (1st being Shuma-Gorath and 2nd being The Brood) built from nothing but a ball of clay! This time around I went for Doop! I'm not sure what he does now in the MU but he was a member of X-Static!

The birth of Doop

He was good fun to sculpt. But his tiny hands/arms broke off quite alot whilst painting haha! Also as you can see the commission piece is also from the group X-Static. His name is Orphan.


This photo below shows the two groupies together. It also gives you a good idea on the size of Doop!

A team forms

Now last but not least here is the fate of DC's Nightwing. I went for a fairly simple re-paint with some minor sculpting. But I was really impressed here with the painting I achieved on him. So now Nightwing is no more and the villainous summers brother Vulcan stands in his place.

VulcanVulcan closer up

Next time I will move onto a bigger re-paint for a commission. He's been done afew times by other people but not by me haha! Also look out for the next DC makeover! It's the turn of: Booster Gold. Now this guy if you didn't know has a similar if not the same pose as the Loki figurine!!!

Friday, 14 November 2008

Night of the Warwolf!!

This week I have two DC to Marvel transformations to show off. The first is the latest DC special of Killer Croc. I did loads of filling and claying on this one to get the look I wanted for a Warwolf.


The next Marvel makeover went to the DC hero Martian Manhunter. I did a fairly simple change here and made him the marvel character Doorman. Martian Manhunter was originally going to be Deathurge but Doorman (looking pretty much the same and I think they are the same in the MU in a strange way?) had them cool white diamonds over his eyes! So I went for him. As Deathurge (minus the eyes patches) looked like he was missing something.

DoormanThe lone Warwolf

I have a few more requests to finish off for people and once they are done I will move on to another scratch build figurine. As for the DC/Marvel makeover next up for the chop is: Nightwing!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The English Rose

I've Been so busy recently what with Halloween and all... But I am back into the swing of things and as I was requested to do this custom figurine along time ago I thought I'd do a blog post all about her. This character is a made-up character called: The English Rose. But to her owner (Nick Wild) she is as real as any other Marvel or DC character out today.

The English Rose

The English Rose is a character created in the mega game: City of Heroes and she has been around for 4 years! She of course is a Hero and her ability is to fire energy blasts through her hands.

Another shot of her

This character was my first proper go at making a cloak! Also as you can see from the photos she is a quality hero and I reckon she would fit quite nicely into the Marvel Universe.

Soon I'll show another commission and finally see the fate of Killer Croc and M.Manhunter!!