Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The English Rose

I've Been so busy recently what with Halloween and all... But I am back into the swing of things and as I was requested to do this custom figurine along time ago I thought I'd do a blog post all about her. This character is a made-up character called: The English Rose. But to her owner (Nick Wild) she is as real as any other Marvel or DC character out today.

The English Rose

The English Rose is a character created in the mega game: City of Heroes and she has been around for 4 years! She of course is a Hero and her ability is to fire energy blasts through her hands.

Another shot of her

This character was my first proper go at making a cloak! Also as you can see from the photos she is a quality hero and I reckon she would fit quite nicely into the Marvel Universe.

Soon I'll show another commission and finally see the fate of Killer Croc and M.Manhunter!!


Marvelbeast said...

I think I recognise her from somewhere ;)

Seriously, I love her! She is exactly how I thought she would be. I've played that character for 4 years. Actually it will be 4 years TOMORROW. I didn't realise it was the anniversary of when I started playing but every 3 months they give subscribers a "gift" and my 54 month one is due tomorrow.

I'm really thrilled with her thanks mate :)

Anyone else who has made a character or played one on a game should understand how I feel to have her standing alongside all my favourite heroes from my childhood!

Chris Towell said...

Wow very nice. I haven't got a clue who she is but is the base fig Invisible Woman by any chance?

Still quality work from the master!

Can't wait to see what happens to Killer Croc!

James said...

Marvelbeast matey I'm so glad you like her. She was a challenge as your the only guy who knows what she really looks like and I'm glad I made her to better than you imagined. You should have her by next week.

Hey chris. Yeah she was Invisible Woman but had a haircut. Killer Croc is the best DC fig I've seen. So I got two of him and the Marvel thing he's going into I think is another wicked challenge. Cheers again for the comments

Graham Cherry said...

Quality work as always James, sorry I didnt comment about the In-betweener but as you know ive been on holiday = no internet! lol

Ageis also looked great, cant imagine it was easy adding all the horns etc!

Marvelbeast said...

My niece was staying for a few days, she's gone back home today. She was watching while I was on the comp and noticed your pic.

Anyway she thinks that you're gorgeous :)

Tell your girlfriend not to worry though as she's only 14. Count yourself lucky, I always thought that she considered anyone over 19 as about to kick the bucket.

Turnip said...

Haha looks like I've got competition! :P xxxx

James said...

Well what can I say... I'm a stud haha! Cheers again for the comments.

No worries Graham. Your in-betweener should be with you in the next few days and same goes for the english Rose. She'll be with you soon too Nick.

Turnip you'd better watch out haha xxx

marvelhero said...

very nice m8 your work just keeps getting better and better!i think she would fit in just fine with the rest of the marvel collection looking forward to seeing killer crocs makeover!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looking great as always James ...woza

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