Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I'm X-Static about an Emperor!

I've been a tad busy this week getting a Scratch build, a commission and a DC/Marvel character sorted out. So first up I thought I'd share my latest scratch built figurine with you. If you follow my blog you'll know that the guy below is my third scratch build (1st being Shuma-Gorath and 2nd being The Brood) built from nothing but a ball of clay! This time around I went for Doop! I'm not sure what he does now in the MU but he was a member of X-Static!

The birth of Doop

He was good fun to sculpt. But his tiny hands/arms broke off quite alot whilst painting haha! Also as you can see the commission piece is also from the group X-Static. His name is Orphan.


This photo below shows the two groupies together. It also gives you a good idea on the size of Doop!

A team forms

Now last but not least here is the fate of DC's Nightwing. I went for a fairly simple re-paint with some minor sculpting. But I was really impressed here with the painting I achieved on him. So now Nightwing is no more and the villainous summers brother Vulcan stands in his place.

VulcanVulcan closer up

Next time I will move onto a bigger re-paint for a commission. He's been done afew times by other people but not by me haha! Also look out for the next DC makeover! It's the turn of: Booster Gold. Now this guy if you didn't know has a similar if not the same pose as the Loki figurine!!!


Marvelbeast said...

Excellent work James.

Nice to see Vulcan. It's amazing that a repaint can make such a difference to a figure.

Orphan reminds me of the blue skinned guys from Star Trek.

The arms on Doop look like they were a pain to make. Did you use wire in them to give them strength?

All 3 are a fine example of what can be achieved in customising figures.

Thanks for sharing,


Anonymous said...

hey mr!

I love them all think they're great! Like the new paint technique too, v.effective. Doop must have been so hard to do! He looks wkd tho. I'm looking forward to the next lot!!
Turnip xx

Iceman said...

Great work on doop and Vulcan. I really enjoy your work James

Graham Cherry said...

Again some characters I dont know much about! Orphan looks espically good...although I agree he does look like the andorans on star trek lol

Enik said...

Nice to see you're still pumping out quality customs :)

James said...

Cheers guys and gals for the comments once again. I really enjoy the feedback. Nice to see you again Enik...

... BTW mate was it you who asked me for a Sauron or was it a ROM custom? I have a brain like a siv sometimes