Friday, 14 November 2008

Night of the Warwolf!!

This week I have two DC to Marvel transformations to show off. The first is the latest DC special of Killer Croc. I did loads of filling and claying on this one to get the look I wanted for a Warwolf.


The next Marvel makeover went to the DC hero Martian Manhunter. I did a fairly simple change here and made him the marvel character Doorman. Martian Manhunter was originally going to be Deathurge but Doorman (looking pretty much the same and I think they are the same in the MU in a strange way?) had them cool white diamonds over his eyes! So I went for him. As Deathurge (minus the eyes patches) looked like he was missing something.

DoormanThe lone Warwolf

I have a few more requests to finish off for people and once they are done I will move on to another scratch build figurine. As for the DC/Marvel makeover next up for the chop is: Nightwing!


Sharky69 said...

Very cool work as always James. really like what you did with Killer croc. Your creations are always very original. Keep it up

Marvelbeast said...

Both look really great. Warwolf looks like a lot of time and work went into him. All the work has paid off because he looks threatening.

Is his paintwork metallic or is it the lighting?

Keep it up mate!


Anonymous said...

Warwolf's very impressive, considering how much detail was on Croc to begin with. The way you've managed to make him look like a completely differet character is great.

Doorman does bother me tho. I'm a big fan of the GLA and Martian Manhunter is simply too big, too tall and too bulky to be the base fig for him. Somebody smaller like Flash, Nightwing or Superman would've been better.

James said...

Hey marvelbeast. yeah Warwolf was a mix of Whites/blues/blacks and silver metalic paints. He brushed up real well *pun*

As for Doorman yeah I thought M.M was a tad too buff for a slim character but I worked from this photo: and it looks like he'd been on the protein shakes. So i thought why not.

Next time bud post your name as I admire all comments and feedback :D - cheers!

Graham Cherry said...

Great work as always James! I will admit I dont know who doorman is but the detail on warwolf is fantastic

tim081 said...

each new piece is better than the last - amazing stuff.

tim081 said...

each new piece is better than the last - amazing stuff.

Robocop said...

Great job ace. I'd easy display all your figurines in my collection :) :) hint hint