Monday, 22 December 2008

From a Raven to a Manta

First up is my latest DC to Marvel makeover figurine. This time it was the turn of DC's Raven. As soon as I saw this figurine I thought of only one Marvel character and that was the Imperial Guards Manta!

Manta shot 2

She was mainly a clip and file job. But I did do a little sculpting on her cloak, mainly around the neck. The photo though dosen't show how striking the inside of her cloak really is though! Doh!

Raven to Manta

Right as for my scratch build he is all sculpted and molded to the final shape but... I brought a new batch of clay and this one (although in the same packaging) has a higher baking level and it's because of this it's taking an age to dry! But do not fear I will have photos up soon of this beast!

Hulk army

Thanks to Marvelhero for sharing his photos of his Red Hulk with everyone. Marvelhero said: "Absolutley stunning mate im well chuffed with it even the mrs said it was mint and thats summat!!" Cheers bud!

Also people who follow this blog and would like a place to talk about the Marvel/DC Eaglemoss collection should check out this forum: It's a cool, chilled place and I have to say one of the better forums out there for discussions on these topics. I'm there too so please pop over and say hello.

Next time for the Marvel makeover it's the turn of Donna Troy and Anti-Monitor again X-People are in the pipeline. Also soon I will post some long awaited photos of my customs and EM figurine collection!


Wadders said...

Awesome mate thanks for linking. I love Manta, a great character to do and a perfect base fig :) The face and head are fantastic!

I love the three shot of the Hulks we all know which is the best one.............the green one of course :P:P:P Seriously yours looks just as professional as the EM ones.

Can't wait to see the scratch build, is the word Beast a clue? Is it Beast, Sasquatch or man spider? I can't wait :D:D:D

Also can't wait to learn Donna Troys fate :)

Great work as always and thanks for sharing!

James said...

Man Spider Holy crud! I've never thought of doing him but now I really do! Thanks for the idea mate!

The Hulk photo looks quality and thanks to marvelhero for sharing the cool photo.

Well my next scratch build isn't too well known but he is dam cool once you read up on him... more soon haha! Cheers Wadders mate

Phoenix91 said...

Great stuff ace mate. I'm a big fan of the Imperial guard. Quality manta. You gong to do anymore from the IG?

Phoenix91 said...

Whoopsie ment going not gong lol!!!!!!!!

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