Saturday, 6 December 2008

A Rogue Tale

I was asked to do this custom for a guy about 5 months ago when the first photos were shown of DC's Starfire. But I've not heard a peep so I went ahead and made her anyway. It's Rogue! The 90's Rogue!


But now she has a new owner and that's my sister. She as well as me grew up with the 90's X-Men Cartoon and with my fave always being Cyclops hers was Rogue. The photo below is my sister in her Rogue costume for my 26th birthday in March. Where the theme was X-Men vs. Street fighter! Her boyfriend is in the photo too: Gambit!

Rogue & Gambit

I saw that in a recent competition a Rogue custom was made and won one of the catagories. Nice one bud! My version of Rogue is not a copy as I styled her in my own way. I hope everyone like her.

RogueRogue #1

Expect another update real soon for the fate of Booster Gold and a Special sized commission!


Marvelbeast said...


That is EXACTLY how the CMFC one should've looked!

Utterly fantastic mate.

She is bloody brilliant. Everything is just perfect, the costume, hair, painting detail, sculpt etc...

Now stop showing off!!! (Only kiddin')

Thanks again for sharing with us.

jarvis69 said...

Hi.At first forgive me for my awfull English....
I follow your work for a while and I love it !!! Just a question about your Boomerang: it"was" Silver Surfer before ?
Once again , congratulations

Graham Cherry said...

James, I really think that might be one of your best pieces to date! The level of detail is fantastic well done. Your sister makes quite a convincing Rogue as well! lol

James said...

Cheers for the awesome words guys! I really enjoyed making Rogue. My suster was blown away by her too which is wicked!

Hey Jarvis69 for Boomerang I used Vision as a base figurine and his boomerangs in case you were wondering were made from paper which I hardened so their pretty solid!

G-Unit said...

I wanted her to look like that so bad. I was so uphappy with the Rogue Eaglemoss made for the collection. Great work

turnip said...

One of my faves! Looks so like her its wkd! Good work Wigman :P Turnip

Marvelbeast said...

Hi Mate,

How many characters do you have in your personal display now?

I know that you've grown as a customiser but is your first custom still a favourite because it was 1st?

Are you planning on more "from scratch" customs?

Keep up the great work,


James said...

marvelbeast mate love the Qs! I had to leg it upstairs and have a count. I'm gonna post some photos of my display on here soon and on Wadders forum.

Anyways I counted 140 figurines in total (EMs and my customs)! and 38 of them are customs I have done.

As for scratch builds course bud haha! I got afew more ideas. I'm hopefully gonna start one over the weekend.

James said...

Oh and yeah I still have my first ever custom... The Awesome Spot! He's still deffo one of my faves

Marvelbeast said...

The Sot is my 1st custom too! I don't mean I made him, I mean the first I've owned :)

Cant recall who made him though ;)

He still takes pride of place next to Spidey. It's funny but because he only belongs to a couple of people makes him more special to me. That and the fact that he is so well done.

Do you take beta blockers to help with the steady hands?

So you have almost another 50% of characters then the rest of the Marvel collection?

Aren't you tempted to collect the DC characters as well? They have been great up-to now and theones coming soon look good too.

One last question. How long do you spend on each character? If you posted the time it took to make each one as you put them on the blog I think it'd be a nice thing to see.

When I look at one of your new pieces I think, "Bloody hell, that must have taken hours and hours".

ALl the best Nick

Marvelbeast said...

The SPOT, not the Sot! ;)

James said...

I was glad you won the Spot mate! Really was.

No idea what beta blockers are haha. I normally just take a deep breath and go for it before I gasp for air. yeah I guess I got almost 50% wooo haha!

As for the DC collection I've never really been a fan. I would love to collect them though as they are wicked sculpts, but it would cost me and arm and a leg to get 2 figs of each.

That's a wicked idea mate! I'll do some kind of time scale for my next figuine. Which will either be a scratch build or ravens Marvel makeover. But normally I do one eve for claying and the following eve for painting. Normally about 4/5 hours per fig... Depending on the amount of clay I use etc...

I've finsihed my next 2... gonna show them wednesday :D - Cheers again marvelbeast, always a pleasure.

Marvelbeast said...

It's just how crisp the lines are on the Spot and English Rose. They are "razor-sharp" and there is not one jagged edge anywhere on any of them.

It think it'd be good for people interested in making customs to know how long it takes to make a character. Repaints, re-sculpts and scratch builds would be really interested to see the difference.

By the way, beta blockers are heart drugs that have the side effect of making people really steady and calm. Snooker players are screened to make sure that they haven't taken any :)

That's the medical lesson over for today ;)

I like seeing your answers to my constant questions. I hope I isn't getting on your nerves?

Take care mate,


James said...

I love all the Q's Marvelbeast. Thanks for taking the time to ask away :D

Wadders said...

If Eaglemoss had made Rogue like that she would be on my top shelf and not my bottom one :) Did you make the coat mate or was it part of the original fig? It looks really good, the level of detail is amazing I am sure your sis loves it :)

James said...

Hey wadders! Cheers :D - Yeah I made her jacket. All Starfire had was like some weird harness thing on her.. Clipped that right on to put some clothes on the gal :p