Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Seeing Red in 3-D!?!

Thanks for the massive feedback on my Rogue custom. My next one is back to what sets me apart from other customisers. The DC to marvel makeover and this time it's the turn of Booster Gold. For his makeover I went for the modern version of 3-DMan!

3-D ManLooking cool!

Next up! I got a figurine request I've been wanting to try for along time. Marvelhero asked me to sort him out with a 'Red Hulk' custom re-paint. So I gladly accepted. I'm really happy with how he turned out.

Red Hulk Smash!!

Next time it's Raven from DC who has to face my paintbrush! Also another scratch build and some more requests are all upcoming... Keep an eye open!


Gambit99 said...

Great wotk here James. Especially love your custom of the Red Hulk. He's the best version I've seen around. really like the touch with the veins

3D man I dont know but he looks very bright and well painted

now Rogue! Just WOW!

marvelhero said...

all i can say is thanks james for doing the red hulk custom for me best red hulk custom by the best customizer thanks m8!great job on 3d man aswell!!

Anonymous said...

3D man is nice love the bright colours on him.

Although red hulk has been done to death and at times better. Two copies in a row slipping on the ideas front

Anonymous said...

Great Job on 3d man and Red Hulk .

Have to disagree with above comment though ...

Having customized (to a lesser standard) in the past I know that there is no such thing as copying .
All customizers have the same figurines to work with and Starfire and Hulk are perfect base figurines for the characters you have produced .

As the saying goes great minds think alike .

Leads nicely onto my question

Where do you go for inspiration ?

Do you have an Encyclopedic knowledge of Marvel characters ?
Are you working from a list of 'wants'
Because I have had to 'research' some of the characters you have done ..... and I thought I had a good knowledge of the Marvel Universe ...

Did I mention... loving the customs ... always a surprise to see what you have done with the DC figurines ... and I have NEVER even come close to guessing who you where going to do .


Look forward to the next 1 .


James said...

Thank you woza mate. Well when I see a new DC figurine I go on a search on Comicvine. I know alot about the old characters in X-Men (that's why alot of my customs are X-Related) but some of the others I'm not so hot on so I go on a search...

Nice to see a brave anonymous person posting once again. Anyways Rogue/Hulk are both requests. I don't keep these, I customise them to what the buyer wants and as long as the people who asked for them are happy then so am I.

Archangelsr said...

I agree with wozas comments after all how can you copy a something that you in turn have copied from a comic?

Each person will give an interpratation of the figure they have chosen to do and every person has there own style and there own taste some will like other peoples work better than others thats natural. Same as people differ between burger king or mc donalds.

The only thing that is bad is when people make harsh judgements about peoples work who have never tried it there self :)

Wadders said...

Ignore the Anonymous cowards comments James it is clear they are just someone wanting to cause trouble (I think we both have a good idea who it is) As you have stated you have been given specifications for these figs that you had to follow as they were not for you so don't ever feel bad about it.

I love 3d man I even went and read up about him after seeing this custom. Did you make his belt? Did you somehow shade the green side of him? I love how its sort of light and dark at the same time. Red Hulk is superb, I really like the purple veins. Did you repaint the pants too?

Great work as usual mate I look forward to seeing Ravens fate :)

marvelhero said...

your right wadders mate,ignore them james i asked you to do a repaint for me for my collection and as for what anon said ive yet to see a better red hulk repaint(thinking about it you should of left the hulks face green to match his!!)thanks again james and keep up the top quality work!

James said...

Cheers guys. I don't mind comments like that I'd rather who ever did it had the guts to leave their name! But anyways...

Yeah all I made on 3-D Man was his belt and also extended and repaired his glasses. You notice it all dont ya wadders haha! Yeah I use many varients of the same colour on my customs now, I've learnt alot more about blending colours and dry brushing. Also I use some water colours now too!

Yeah and I re-painted Red Hulks jeans. So they were a more darker blue.

Thanks again everyone!

Gambit99 said...

You don't lack in ideas james. I don't know any other people who can chuck out work like shuma and brood and make them look completely brilliant, like an EM figurine should.

Who's next BTW? Also yeah just ignore stuff like that. You did a cracking job on all three

Marvelbeast said...

Hi mate,

Great work!

It must be hard coming up with new ideas and you prove that you're not running short by making scratch builds!

As an owner of some of your work I can see how great they are in real life. They not only look good online but in the hand you can see the exceptional standards you work to.

Keep up the great work mate. Anyone who attacks it is either jealous or small minded.


Shezza666 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wadders said...

Ah the same Shezza that took over James's old blog and the same Shezza who is a member of SHFF I am sure James appreciates such constructive feedback, keep it up dude.


James said...

Finally Shezza is revealed!

Like I said before I don't mind at all if you don't like a figurine I produce. I'm just glad it's given you such a reaction to leave a comment and anyways I have no idea who you are?

But bud when I used to be on the SHFF no one would dare leave comments like that for other customisers. So why not be honest there too?

Marvelbeast said...

lol, what a big baby, I don't think he got the reaction he wanted either.

And your work get people to look and comment even if they do say that they don't like it they go out of their way to look and comment.

When's the next reveal James? Can't wait to see what you've done next. You'll always be a winner to me!

Take care


The Grim Reaper said...

SHEZZA is not a member of SHFF and NEVER has been.

just so there is no doubt!

maybe it is Unknown Cosmic or STARZ or some other alter ego. I dunno...but certainly not a SHFF member. FACT

James said...

Cheers Nick mate! Yeah I'm working on my next scratch build. Giving the commissions a rest for abit. But I will start them soon.

I dont really care who shezza is to be honest. But accusing me of being yet 'another' person is abit pathetic.

I have nothing against you Grim. You do a great job with the series, but you do jump into situations alittle gun ho!

Shezza666 said...
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