Friday, 11 December 2009

The 6 rejects!

Hey I've not been about alot as you have most probabily noticed. I thought I'd share with you my 6 rejected custom pieces from this years SHFF comp! Rejected again... I know haha! Shockin'!!!! This year I made no scratch builds, I just stuck to normal re-modeling. Here they are:

First up are my first 2: Graviton & American Dream

GravitonMiss America

My next 2 are: Mach IV & Holocaust

Mach VIHolocaust

The final 2 are not a standard figurine! These are: DC's Ares & Rooftop Songbird!



Would have loved these guys and gal to enter but nevermind! Would have been a nice ending to Ace Customs! I made this lot around the time of the comp so no way are these new customs of mine just new to show off to you lot. I've completely lost my urge and patience to paint and sculpt any more as I just love partying 24/7!

4 bottles are better than one!

Had some blinding nights out with some truely quality mates! Theses collections (Marvel/DC) may be ace but don't live your life for these lil lead figurines, get out there and truely live your life!!!

And finally! I plan just one more figurine.... I want it to be my final, final piece! It's called 'The fall of a paranoid king' featuring Shuma-Gorath!!!!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Times are a changin'...

As always I'll start with the latest DC victim: Posion Ivy! An amazing pose for a top Villain in the DCU but she still has to become a Marvel figurine. So I chose the White Tiger.

White TigerSide-View

Also here is one of my final commission pieces. This is Dr. Nemesis for a good friend of mine Martin! I hope you like him buddy.

Dr. NemesisSide

Thought I'd post two close up photos of my latest 2 customs faces. So here is White Tiger and Dr. Nemesis.

White Tiger

Dr. Nemesis

As some of you have probabily noticed on Facebook etc.. My life has changed now. When you're so totally devoted to one thing and on the verge of taking your life to the next level you think of the future and how great things will be! But as I found this isn't always the case and that future is no longer the one I'd had wished. So recently I've been going alittle crazy and this has made me view life (my life) is a new way. You only live once! But what does this have to do with my customs... Well I am no longer going to do any commissions for anyone - sorry (Jimbob & Woza's I'll still do your requests)! I don't have the time. I will however continue to do the DC-Marvel range as I did promise myself that I would turn every DC figurine to Marvel. The blog updates will be less frequent though.

As for my 'would have been' entry to the competition on SHFF. I've not made one. But it most likey would have been My Nanny/Orphan Maker custom.

In the words of The Black-Eyed Peas:
Let’s live it up...Here we come...Here we go...We gotta rock...Easy come...Easy go...Now we on top...Feel the shot...Body rock...Rock it don’t stop!

Me and my Buds

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Baaaa Humbug!!

This week it's the turn of DC's Cyborg Superman. I've always had a character in mind for him and that was Marvels Humbug!

HumbugAnother view

Cyborg Supermans pose was the spit of the original Supermans pose (DC figurine model #2) so basically it was like re-doing another Superman. Some of the cyber bits on this figurine did prove useful when making this custom though. But it's a shame that Cyborg Superman didn't have a unique pose.

Here's a photo of Count Nefaria my last DC-Marvel custom. This time it's a closer shot of his face.

Count Nefaria

Next time check my overdue customer pieces (whoops) and also what Marvel fate awaits the superb Posion Ivy!!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Count Nefaria has landed...

Not a big update this week but as you know The Golden Age Green Lantern hit the shelves this week and as with every other DC figurine I turned him into another person from the MU. This time around I went for the villainous Count Nefaria.

Count NefariaAnother photo

Loved the pose for Green Lantern. It has to be one of my faves so far and I found this a great way to show Count Nefaria in all his glory.

Side shot

I've been having a little rest from customs recently. Many reasons really. But one is Halo ODST! and another Marvel Alliance 2 haha! But next week I will be getting back into the flow of customs again. I have 2 customer requests that I want to get finished very soon and a new scratch build. This scratch would have been my one entry to the SHFF comp. So look out for him!

Next for the DC chop is Cyborg Superman so look out for that!

Friday, 18 September 2009

It's Tombstone vs.Rachel Grey

Been another busy one these past few weeks. but I'm back to business. Last week Shazam Mary was released and just one X-Woman came to mind and that was X-Men's Rachel Grey.

Rachel GreyAgain

I'm trying another approach to painting now! Making some of the lighter colours bolder! It makes the figurine look less battle worn and more fresh!

Also Solomon Grundy was released this week and again one guy came to mind as soon as I saw his sculpt.... I thought I'm gonna have to tidy up his clothes and give him some new hair! So Solomon Grundy is now Tombstone.

TombstoneClose up

The next DC figurine is Golden Age Green Lantern so check back for him and one final thing SHFF are having another Custom Comp and as last year I'm not allowed to enter. SHFF think I will enter through another person but I wont be entering my customs under someone else.... If I was to enter it would be under me - my name! Anyways you all know what my customs look like. Shame as I would have loved to have gone up against some classy customisers... But for a second year you are safe haha!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Brother Blood visits Daimon Hellstrom!!

Hey all! Been a tad busy this week. One reason is because of Batman: Arkham Asylum haha! But I have finally finished the MMO of the latest DC figurine.... Brother Blood! For this conversion I came across a marvel villain named Daimon Hellstrom.
Daimon Hellstrom

I also got around to updating my Buffy to marvel range with Spike taking centre stage this time. I went of another marvel villain under the name of Big Man!

Big ManBig Man from the side

Again I wanted to do something different so as it was my mate Matt's 27th birthday I wanted to give him a unique present... So I turned the King Pin into Matty boy!


Matt with Mini-Matt

I was asked to make another DC figurine for a good bloke over on the Marvel/DC forums named Saintwalker. he originally wanted me to use the base of Spider-Man, which I did. But he wasn't skinny enough so I got hold of Impossible Man. The photos below are of the 2 Saintwalkers.

Spider-man as the baseImpossible Man base

Check back soon for the MMO of Mary Marvel... Who will she become from the MU?

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Nanny & Orphan Maker

Now for my new scratch build! I wanted to do something different again... Much like my Phoenix Force custom I wanted a new scratch build to share a base... So this is my 11th scratch project: The Nanny and Orphan Maker.

Nanny & Orphan MakerSide

Where ever you see Nanny in the MU Orphan Maker isn't too far behind so a base share was the natural choice.

NannyOrphan Maker

Nanny is 100% scratch built with this begin my first attempt at hands and fingers. Orphan Maker was made from the base of DC's Black Adam.

Their in my display

My next blog post might not be until September... After Mary Marvel. But I'm not sure yet. If it is then expect a BIG update which will also include the MMO of Blood Brother.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

To Infinity and Beyonder!

It's that time again when yet another DC figurine falls to my files, clay and paint techniques. This time is was the turn of Guy Gardener. I found this one quite difficult to find a Marvel replacement Especially with Guy Gardeners gimpy smile! .... So welcome The Beyonder!!!

The BeyonderSide view

For me The Beyonder is a risky character to make. As I want an MU collection full of figurines that Eaglemoss won't make and I think The Beyonder is one guy who will one day be in this collection... I mean if we get more and more extensions.

Now a lot of you have noticed that my commission have been closed for sometime now and this is because I'm getting asked to do more fragile and challenging figurines. Which I love doing but the postman does not! Quite a few of my customs sent out to good friends and customers of mine have received their prized custom piece damaged... It's very disheartening when this happens! I package them so well even I don't know how they arrive damaged. So for the time being you can still send me your requests but I'll have to have a think about if and what figurines I make now on as customer pieces.

Damaged face...

[Agent Orange and Mimic both recieved alot of damage]

Luckly I fixed Mimic

Next time look out for the MMO of Blood Brother and also I might show you my latest scratch build... This one is one of my faves... She's quality! Sneak peak below...


Friday, 7 August 2009

Bring me the Soul Drinker...

My next scratch build started life as a head base for Fing Fang Foom. But I realised that this mould looked like a creature I first saw in the 90's X-Men Animated series: The Soul Drinker.

He begins!

For the animated series The Soul Drinker was re-named the Spirit Drinker. So for this scratch build I took aspects from both incarnations making my own Soul Drinker. He's very random looking but I'm very happy with how he has turned out.

Soul DrinkerSide

Fing Fang Foom is my next scratch project - But I'm taking my time with him. So expect some more scratch builds inbetween.Whether I do Fing Fang Foom in his original look or his more modern black look I'm not decided yet. But photos will be up in the not too distant future. Also thanks to all the challengers on Marvel vs. Capcom 2..... Luckly I wasn't beaten so I didn't have to make any customs haha!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Move over Batgirl... I'm Nosferata!!!

It's been along time since I last did a female MMO. And in true form I'm still taking on every figurine in the DC range. This week was Batgirl! Only one Marvel heroine stands out for me and that was Nosferata: The She Bat!


Also this week I got around to finishing the fantasy heroine team thought up by a top follower and Friend of this blog: Marvelbeast. In the past I have made The English Rose & African Violet for his team but now the final member can join the ranks... This is The Japanese Lilly.

Japanese LillySide

As you can see from the poster below all 3 of Marvelbeasts heroines could easy pass as the deal in the superhero world.

Marvelbeasts Team

That's it! Next time be sure to see the fate of Guy Gardener and also keep a look out for my 10th scratch build which is my most random yet. All coming soon!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Get off that bike Batman... Orbs in town!!

First things first I had a great relaxing hol with Turnip and once I returned I began work on DC's Batman on his Batcycle and Hitman. I'll start with Batman's MMO and I went for a guy who rides a bike a fair bit and he is an enemy of Ghost Rider... It's Orb!

Orb on a Bike

As you can see I also changed Batman's bike. I mean does Orb ride a Batcycle? So I made the bike with more of an 80's look. I added an exhaust, front and rear lights etc...


The next DC figurine out last week was Hitman. Not a great pose I thought but I wanted to do something different with him by turning him into a character from the MU with the same name... So Hitman from DC became Hitman from the MU.

HitmanFront view

Finally this is one custom I did just before I went away and this is Darkhawk:


Thanks again for viewing/commenting and keep an eye out for my next scratch build and also the next DC victim... Batgirl!

With my other customs