Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Cyrstal to Crystal... Venom to Anti...

Hello! This isn't a normal update as I've not given any new DC figurines the marvel makeover. Instead I thought I'd share some commissions with ya etc...

First up, I was looking at my figurines recently and I saw Crystal and I am still disappointed with her. She's a great character and we got a lame, plain figurine to represent her! So I got the clay and made her in the way I think would improve her! Wotcha think....?


On the commissions side I got another request from Marvelhero. This time he wanted Anti-Venom. So here he is:


Phantasm has recieved massive feedback. I'm glad an unknown has gone down so well! The poor one hit wonder wasn't around very long though in the MU. As you know this guy appeared in the Marvel comic: Marvel Premiere #43, where he faced off against Paladin. The whole story is basically a mass brawl! The end of the comic of course sees Phantasm's end by the hands of Paladin!


Next time see the fate of DC's Creeper and I'll share some blog stats with you too!!


Mark Taylor said...

I agree mate. Crystal was horrible. Your version looks brill, she should have been alot more like that. Even your Eaglemoss figure of her looks better than mine lol. Mine had no eyes painted on lol

Phoenix91 said...

I Love Venom and your Crystal is way way way better than the one Eaglemoss gave the collection. I personally didn't buy her because she was/is awful HA!

Phantasm is fantastic. Roll on Creeper

Gambit99 said...

The person in Eaglemoss who made Crystal should be sacked lol

James yours is miles better. The hair is spot on

Mr P said...

Wow Crystal looks spectacular mate!!

Thats how she should have been done in the first place ;)

Seeing that Anti-Venom is making me think about getting one done ;)

Looks like you'll be getting quite a few commissions off me mate if you keep it up (Y) Hope there isnt a limit =D ;)

Chris Towell said...

Wow mate. Crystal is brilliant. Way better than ours and her hair colour is so much more natural than the EM one. If they read your blog and see your work you should hopefully be getting an email/letter regarding work for them! If so I want freebies! lol

As for Anti Venom great sculpt looks perfect. Might have to cancel my subscription with EM and start one with you! Brilliant work mate.

Turnip said...

Hey mr,

All looking great as always! I had no idea you were making the anti-venom... you're like a custom making machine!! Cool that you found the issue with Phantasm in! x

James said...

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I'm glad you like Crystal and Anti-Venom.

Crystal (EM) to me was a massive dissapointment and she did really need a makeover... Or new wig haha!

Thanks again

Chris Towell said...

To be honest James I think it's the hair that's made your Crystal look brilliant!

If only EM could have done the same..... Don't get me wrong I do like the EM one but your's is like Bullseye.

"Take a look at what you could have won...."

She's perfect mate!

I'm just wondering when your gonna tackle the foom!