Friday, 2 January 2009

Get into the Tempo!

First up Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2009 is going to be a top one! I'm starting 2009 off with my latest DC to Marvel figurine. Donna Troy was the DC character to face the chop and I again went for an X-character. So here she is... The villainous Tempo!

Tempo in with some other figurines

My camera again hasn't really picked up on the orange and gold shading. Gotta sort out my settings!

Donna TroyTempo

Also over the two week break I've not done anything to do with customs really. So the same went for my 4th scratch build! But not to fear I have posted below a sneak peak photo of one of this beasts eyes....... Remember he's a biggy and has set me back with some problems!

Who is this?

Next time it's back to sorting out commissions and the next DC character to face my files is: Spectre!


Turnip said...

Wow you did the Tempo figurine quickly!!! It was a model in progress when I saw you earlier! Plus I'm looking forward to the photos of the scratch build!! Looking forward to lots more this yr too! Turnip xx

Symbiote Sam said...

Happy new year james. Love Tempo, I've always been a fan of her in the old days of the X-men.

The scratch build I'm guessing a reptile thing? LOL!

Robocop said...

2009 is going to be mega for me! Hope it's the same for you. Tempo and manta are both smart figurines. The scratch build interests me most, how big will this one be?

I want to see what you do when Penguin comes out mate. He looks tricky!!!!!!!!!

Marvelbeast said...

One of the things I love about your project is that when you use a DC figure to turn it into a Marvel character that he/she/it won't have the same pose as another Marvel character because it's base is a DC one.

That was before you started really being adventurous and began to build from scratch.

You never fail to impress me with your work mate, keep it up.


James said...

Thanks for the comments guys and gals. I'm not too sure how big he is compaired to someone like Galactus/Sentinel. I'll have to check soon.

Sam you're close. It's a kind of Reptile thing as with all my scratch builds he's green again haha! Dunno why the figurines I choose to do are green?

Cheers Marvelbeast that was my plan at the start to have every custom in Marvel having it's own pose... So the DC range was my target. You'll have to send me some photos soon of African Voilet.

Happy New Year everyone!

Mark Taylor said...

Great figure James. Tempo and Manta have both been unique and fantastic pieces of work. I've seen some great customs in my time but none with such originality and the way you try new things is in a word Ace!

I said this to you along time ago but you did and have raised the bar in the customs race.

Keep up the top work buddy.

My faves are still your Shuma-Gorath and Brood figurines so your new scratch build I can't wait for.