Thursday, 8 January 2009

On your marks.... Get SET....

This is it! My biggest scratch built figurine! He is my 4th and sits nicely alongside Shuma-Gorath, Brood and Doop. This guy is called Set! He is an enemy of Conan, Dr. Strange, Quasar to name afew. He's pretty unknown (just the way I like it). But to find out more information on him check this link:

The progession of Set

Sculpting Set was a challenge as I brought a new type of Fimo clay. It took an age to dry and then I had other problems with heads, teeth etc.. but it was all worth is as I am 100% pleased with him. Size wise check the photo below of Set against Galactus! I had to re-size the two below! So they are alittle distorted.

It's SetAnother Angle

Here is the size photo of Set.

Against Galactus


Turnip said...

Yay pics are finally up! I think he's brill, don't know anything about him so i will check out the link...saying that i don't know much about any of them!

Really amazing tho, def shows the amount of work you put into it :) so whats next? :P xx

Mark Taylor said...

Fantastic Ace! Really like him and I read up on him too. Pretty short on infomation lol but a top likeness

Gambit99 said...

Nice! Set. I remember this guys from years and years ago. An ace conversion

Marvelbeast said...

Great work mate. Good idea on putting him next to Galactus because I didn't realise how big he was.

I'll have to read up on him too because he is new to me.

Symbiote Sam said...

You made him? Real Cool!!!! Gonna read up on him now aswell lol