Monday, 19 January 2009

The Phantom Menace... Marvel style!

As always the DC range continues to be transformed into yet more unknown Marvel characters. This time I took Spectre from DC and clipped, filed and painted away until a marvel villain emerged... His name is: Phantasm! He made his first and last appearence in Marvel Premiere #43 (August, 1978).

front viewBack view

For me Spectre's pose was perfect for Phantasm! I mean Phantasm's powers are mainly through his hands/touch! His touch or 'aura' is described to burn like acid! Ouch!

In my display

On the commission side I made another 90's costumed Rogue for my good friend Woza!

Phantasm with Rogue

Next week it's the turn of DC's Creeper! He's going to be a challenge but I think I've got his days numbered! Also I will share some blog stats with you all! Some of it is quite unreal..!?! Look out for a new commission too!!


Gambit99 said...

Never heard of him but a fantastic custom and a massive improvement over Spectre. Nice work James

Chris Towell said...

Great custom mate! No idea who he is but brilliant work!

Love the Rogue figurine as well. Wouldn't mind one myself!

Turnip said...

Hey mr, love this custom (*as usual) really like his cape and evil face...scary stuff! I'm intrigued about the next one!! x

Marvelbeast said...

Bloody great as always :)

He hasn't even been out that long, how quickly do you work???

Take care mate and thanks for the kind words. I'm gonna be stuck in Manchester until I can get a council place in London. So probably until I'm about 80! Seriously if I havr to I'll rent privately but that will be a last resort. It just means that once Phil moves down to start work, I'll know no one up here except the dog, the cats and the rats :)

Keep it up,


James said...

I'm pretty fast mate haha. Took me about three eves. So about 6-8hours. I really should time it!

I got you're African Violet photo mate and I'll start on her in the next couple of weeks. Good luck with everything Marvelbeast

Chris if you want a Rogue figurine just send me an email and I'll get one sorted for ya.

Thank you Turnip ;) and Gambit for taking the time to comment

woza said...

Looking good ,and thanks for adding a little of the characters background , saves us looking then up .

Thanks also for Rogue .. can't wait for her to arrive .


Marvelbeast said...

Thanks for the support mate, after the run of bad luck I've had it is really appreciated that I know I have some mates out there.

I think it'd be a great idea for you to time how long it takes to make your figures. It might convince new people to take up making customs if they see that it needn't take months to do. It also amazes me how quick you work because how great the quality of your customs is. I can say that they look even better in real life because I'm lucky enough to own a couple. They are flawless!

Take care mate and thanks again. My niece says "Hi" lol. Only kiddin' I think she's moved on so you're not going to be stalked by her :)