Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Up there on the rooftop....??

Finally I have given the Rooftop Batman figurine the Marvel makeover! Again as usual the Marvel replacement isn't a too familiar one. The guy in his place is Nightwatch. He's Marvels answer to Images Spawn.

Here's he is

I also thought I'd share a photo of some of my customs altogether.

Not all but most of them

Next time I have Spectres fate... Commission pieces... So stay tuned!


Turnip said...

Looks wkd mr!!! Again as usual don't know anything about him so will have to find out! Also cool pic of all ur customs! xx

James said...

Wow baby you posted quick :D - Thanks! Now get back to your uni work haha. I'll bore you about him when your down next ;) xx

woza said...

Nice work James .

Consistently high quality of work .

Not long till the net DC 'Victims' either .... and is that a referrence to more than 1 commission ?

Can't wait ...


Glenn said...

how did Marvel get away with someone that looks so like Spawn? Ha I thought it was at first...Good work as always :)

Bond_007 said...

Hello great stuff Ace. Really really like him. Outstanding detail also.

Have you ever thought about doing anymore rooftop characters?

James said...

Cheers for the comments. Yeah I got another commission along with your one mate. but I've not got the base figurine yet.

Glenn mate yeah I thought that too, but if you look at his other costume (http://www.4thletter.net/gavok/homework/nightwatch.jpg) now that's even more like Spawn haha. BTW Deathwatch is dead in the MU nowadays - poor chap!

As for rooftop figurines yeah I got afew more in the pipeline, one for me and one as a request.

Marvelbeast said...

It looks like a lot of work went into that cape!! Did you fill it in or chop the pointed bits off of the bottom?

Yet another character that I need to read about.

Did you have many choices for characters that you wanted to do as a rooftop version?

Still keeping me very happy with the customs mate, they look just so good!

Take care mate :)

James said...

Hey Marvelbeast glad your doing good. You gotta send me some photos of African Voilet soon, so I can get started on her.

Well I got another Rooftop Batman coming as I have a top idea for another conversion - I can't wait to do him! I also have a commission for a diffeent rooftop character too!

His cloak was abit of filling in and chopping off and in some places adding abit more to the cloak too.

Glad you like him bud :D - Wait till you see what I've done to Spectre. Again you'll have to look him up haha

Symbiote Sam said...

Wow! Great custom there Ace. Love the detail especially his striking belt LOL

Marvelbeast said...

I'm gonna have to leave the custom of African Violet for now James. I was sacked on New Years Eve :( Been a constant pain since we moved to Manchester. First we were burgled, then my partner lost their job for complaining about his disabled clients being abused and no one was bothered. They were unable to speak so someone had to say something!

Then I get mugged and then to top it off I start getting abuse at work because of my health. After they made me sick and agreed it was their fault, they sack me for the time I had to take off!

Now for the good news. My partner has just been offered a job in London and it's 3 times per hour what he is getting now!! SO hopefully 2009 will be better then the last 3 years.

It will be a while before we find somewhere to live in London, move and get settled but if it's ok with you I'll ask you for a custom then?

Take care mate :)

James said...

Marvelbeast mate I'm so sorry to hear! Well if you would still like me to do this custom I will do it for nothing! Just send me over some photos :D - I don't care for the cash, I just love making new and unique people! Also you've been a massive help and supported me though some real bad shite. It's the least I can do.

Hope things get better for you both bud... things can only get better

Gambit99 said...

Great. Really love this custom. best dam rooftop custom I've seen