Monday, 16 February 2009

Overriding the Anti-Monitor..!

This week up for the Marvel Makeover were DC characters Anti-Monitor and Deadshot. Anti-Monitor was the first Super Special I have customised and from doing this I got afew blisters..! But as soon as I saw this guy only one Marvel character came to mind... And this was Cerebro! In his human-type form.

Cerebro & XavierCerebro

Next is Deadshot! A great sculpt from Eaglemoss but not enough to make me spare him from my clippers/files haha! I came across a perfect guy to fit this sculpt and he was in the form of Overrider! An old enemy of S.H.I.E.L.D and Captain America. I also left on some of Deadshots arm bands on etc... As in my view it made Overrider look better and more interesting.

OverriderBackpack view

I dunno know how you'll take this but I 'm going to up my prices for commissions as alot of you think my prices are too low for the quality of my figurines! So as of now any new requests will be in my new price range which will be alot higher. But I guarantee that I will put 100% into your custom and give you the best quality.

Next time for the Marvel Makeover is an odd looking DC character and that's The Penguin!!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Alternate Dimensions

I've been a tad busy this week finishing off these two customs! First up is my Scarlet Spider piece! It features the normal Scarlet Spider and standing behind him is the female Scarlet Spider from the MC2 universe! I mean they would never meet but in this custom they do! This is my tribute to Scarlet Spider.

Attack of the ScarletsScarlets Spiders

Then I received another Rooftop Batman! So I thought who's next.... I then remembered when Batman and Wolverine merged in the Marvel vs. DC series. So I turned Batman into Amalgam's Dark Claw!

DarkclawDarkclaw again

And finally thanks to Woza for sharing this bit of kit with me! So I went out and brought a painting table!
Cheers mate... Priceless!

It saves my carpet

Sunday, 1 February 2009

To Creep or not to Creep...?

The figurine this time to get a Marvel makeover was DC's Creeper! This guy was a tad hard, in that he has a strange and unique pose. So I searched around for a character to fit and I came across an old enemy of marvels Luke Cage.... Lionfang!


Next time expect to see more commission pieces and I'm also giving Rooftop Batman another shot with a guy I've wanted to do for ages and ages! Also from DC it's the turn of Deadshot and Anti-Monitor! But who will they be?

The newest member

This is a photo sent to me by Woza! Look how Rogue has settled in!

One of Woza's shelves

Finally here's some random stats... Ok on this blog daily I get an average of 43 visitors! Visiting from countries like: USA, Pakistan, Slovakia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Italy.... Most find me through google, a self added bookmark and places like the superherofigurineforum. It's pretty crazy as I thought my blog was abit of a sleeper. But it's great to find that so many from all over the world come and have a peek! Cheers!