Sunday, 8 February 2009

Alternate Dimensions

I've been a tad busy this week finishing off these two customs! First up is my Scarlet Spider piece! It features the normal Scarlet Spider and standing behind him is the female Scarlet Spider from the MC2 universe! I mean they would never meet but in this custom they do! This is my tribute to Scarlet Spider.

Attack of the ScarletsScarlets Spiders

Then I received another Rooftop Batman! So I thought who's next.... I then remembered when Batman and Wolverine merged in the Marvel vs. DC series. So I turned Batman into Amalgam's Dark Claw!

DarkclawDarkclaw again

And finally thanks to Woza for sharing this bit of kit with me! So I went out and brought a painting table!
Cheers mate... Priceless!

It saves my carpet


Turnip said...

Hey mr, i love these customs, they're both really good. Really like that you've combined the Scarlet spiders in an exciting way, especially coz you're the only one who'll have a model like that! I don't know how you think them up!

P.S: Exccuuuuse me... you went out and bought the painting table... haha. ok so it was ur idea but I did the buying!! x

Marvelbeast said...

OH MY GOD!!! They are bloody fantastic. I've wanted all the Amalgam characters to be made but it's very unlikely unless they are done as a separate mini series. Now I can see just how great they would look.

Scarlet Spider and the female version are also amazing. Have you made Spider Girl yet? The figure you've used there would look awesome as Spider Girl too.

Lol @ Turnip, you tell him girl! Men hey ;)

Are you going to make any more amalgam characters? I'd love to see the Storm/Wonder Woman most but I liked them all.

Mark Taylor said...

Simply outstanding! If I didn't know your work I'd think there the real deal! Fantastic

James said...

Turnip you are awesome. Thanks for getting that for me. To let you guys know the work table was my valentines pressie from my GF. Thanks missy :D xx

Hey Marvelbeast you watch it now a flood of Amalgam customs will start being made haha! I loved the story line with Marvel/DC and then Amalgam. Great read. My faves were Dark Claw/Sparrow and all that lot, I also liked Spider-boy. Didn't Storm/Wonderwoman turn into Amazon? I will deffo do some more and in the next few weeks I'll make a start on African Voilet for ya.

The female Scarlet Spider was the base of Invisible Woman.. But I made a new head, made a little bit to her arm and moved her hand onto her leg... I agree a perfect base fig for Spider-Girl. Which I was going to do first funny enough.

Thanks for the comments I'm getting great feedback from these two customs

Chris Towell said...

Thats strange... the last post didn't add. I'll try again.

Nice work mate really brilliant! I love the 2 Spider-men/women on the base. I really does look EM made! Nice use of the Abomination base as well!

Dark-Claw? looks great as well mate. Detail is stunning and I'm sure the pictures don't do them justice. I'd love to see them in the lead just to see the quality of them! (Which I will when I get Jubilee! can't wait mate, as soon as I get your version I'm going to melt the EM one, attach a picture of yours and post it to EM saying "this is what we should have got!"

As always James its a real delight checking your blog every week! Keep up the great work!

Chris Towell said...

Just had a brief look on Wiki and I really think you need to make a Lobo the Duck! (and then sell me a version!) :)

James said...

Thanks Chris mate. You mean Rogue right? Not Jubilee... Or do you haha? I'd love to see EMs Rogue melt, she's terrible much like Crystal.

Lobo the Duck haha I forgot about that guy. I also liked Dare the Terminator (Daredevil/Deathstoke) and Doctor Strangefate (Doctor Stange/Doctor Fate).

As soon as I get Starfire mate I'll let you know

woza said...

Nice couple of customs .. Great use of Abomination's base (worst idea EM had)

Does this mean you are branching out from the DC series for your collection ?
Or are they for other collectors ?

Glad you like the Paint station , I have found mine great for keeping everything together . Also given me a boost to do more customs ..

Hmm is that the reason for Spiders n Darkclaw LOL ... giving it a test run :)

Be nice to see what ends up on the paint station from time to time .. Can see a finished Rogue , WIP Rogue and a Captain America there :) ...


Gambit99 said...

Dark Claw WOW!!!!! Scarlet Spider WOW!!!!! If I didn't know these were customs I'd have thought they were upcoming figures from Eaglemoss. Fantastic work, keep it up

James said...

Thanks again everyone. Still gonna stick to the DC/Marvel makeovers. I mean it's kinda my contract haha - as in I want to finish every DC figurine that gets released and give it the Marvel treatment.

Amalgam characters are quality... So expect to see more in the future!

Marvelbeast said...

I'll hold you to that! I loved the Amalgam characters and they are at least 50% Marvel so that should still fit in with your mission to make every Marvel character :)

Yes, the Wonder Woman/Storm character was called Amazon. I think she'd look great in your collection. If there was a way you could make her a rooftop version, that would look awesome.

All the best, Nick

Bobbyvjay said...

Darkclaw looks great, been waiting a long time to see what he would look like, and on the rooftop is fantastic, Im almost tempted to have ago myself using my RTBM from my collection lol.

Turnip said...

Haha thank you Marvelbeast! I know men ay have to make sure I keep him in line! Thank you James for calling me awesome...u flatterer u!

Nice to see u getting so much feedback tho mr, all deserved :) x

Marvelbeast said...

So what did you buy Turnip after she got you the painting table?

James said...

It's a secret bud haha! I'll let you know after Valentines day :D - Cheers again everyone!

Chris Towell said...

Oops yeah I meant Rogue! Sorry slight malfunction with the Keyboard!

Exodus said...

You have a great talent Ace! Outstanding work