Monday, 16 February 2009

Overriding the Anti-Monitor..!

This week up for the Marvel Makeover were DC characters Anti-Monitor and Deadshot. Anti-Monitor was the first Super Special I have customised and from doing this I got afew blisters..! But as soon as I saw this guy only one Marvel character came to mind... And this was Cerebro! In his human-type form.

Cerebro & XavierCerebro

Next is Deadshot! A great sculpt from Eaglemoss but not enough to make me spare him from my clippers/files haha! I came across a perfect guy to fit this sculpt and he was in the form of Overrider! An old enemy of S.H.I.E.L.D and Captain America. I also left on some of Deadshots arm bands on etc... As in my view it made Overrider look better and more interesting.

OverriderBackpack view

I dunno know how you'll take this but I 'm going to up my prices for commissions as alot of you think my prices are too low for the quality of my figurines! So as of now any new requests will be in my new price range which will be alot higher. But I guarantee that I will put 100% into your custom and give you the best quality.

Next time for the Marvel Makeover is an odd looking DC character and that's The Penguin!!


Mark Taylor said...

Both utterly fantastic customs. Cerebro I read about in Xaviers magazine and you have caught him perfect. Can you take a photo of him with Xavier?? That would be class

Overrider is new to me but again another fantastic custom. I'm gonna read up on him lol!!!

Turnip said...

I'm amazed how quickly you produce the customs! They look amazing, love the painting on Cerebro its wkd! Yea take a photo of him with Xavier that would be cool.

Overrider is brilliant too, looks really detailed! I'm very intrigued about the fate of the Penguin... x

Wadders said...

Overrider is superb, a great choice of base fig :D I didn't even know Cerebro had a humanoid form, the paint work on the body is sublime! Top work as usual my friend :)

James said...

Mark as requested I added a photo of Cerebro with Xavier... Looks good! Cheers for the feedback everyone :D

Turnip I'm dreading Penguin :s x

Mark Taylor said...

Cerebro looks perfect behind Xavier. Thanks for adding that photo. Good luck with Penguin lol

James said...

Also I fogot to say I was suprised to find that Anti-Monitor was hollow....?

Exodus said...

Overrider & Cerebro = quality!

James said...

I would love a Super-sized Marvel base if anyone has one :D - Cerebro just dosen't look right on a DC base