Sunday, 1 February 2009

To Creep or not to Creep...?

The figurine this time to get a Marvel makeover was DC's Creeper! This guy was a tad hard, in that he has a strange and unique pose. So I searched around for a character to fit and I came across an old enemy of marvels Luke Cage.... Lionfang!


Next time expect to see more commission pieces and I'm also giving Rooftop Batman another shot with a guy I've wanted to do for ages and ages! Also from DC it's the turn of Deadshot and Anti-Monitor! But who will they be?

The newest member

This is a photo sent to me by Woza! Look how Rogue has settled in!

One of Woza's shelves

Finally here's some random stats... Ok on this blog daily I get an average of 43 visitors! Visiting from countries like: USA, Pakistan, Slovakia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Italy.... Most find me through google, a self added bookmark and places like the superherofigurineforum. It's pretty crazy as I thought my blog was abit of a sleeper. But it's great to find that so many from all over the world come and have a peek! Cheers!


Turnip said...

Hey mr he looks wkd finished! Sounds like you've got loads coming up, so I won't be expecting to see you lots :P xx

Mark Taylor said...

I agree with Turnip lol! A well sculpted fig, I mean his mane blends in well with Creepers hair. Top conversion once again.

Keep'em coming

P.S: Your customs are different class mate

woza said...

Rogue fits in very nicely with the rest of my X-Men ...

Great job on her mate .

And no surprise ... No idea who Creeper has become ... But looks fantastic and works very well .

Symbiote Sam said...

Great conversion for Creeper Ace! I didn't think you'd be able to do him lol. You proved me wrong.

I still think you'll be hard pushed for Penguin and Batman on a bike! I await to be proved wrong again lol

James said...

Thanks again people for leaving feedback/messages.

I'm really glad you like the Rogue custom Woza and from the looks of the photos she has gone to a top collector.

Haha believe it or not I have greats ideas for Batman on a Bike and Penguin... But time will tell if I can pull them off ok

Marvelbeast said...

Love the new figure :) But he's a new one to me as well. One of the reasons I love watching what you've made is seeing how you convert a difficult figurine into another and I was thinking that some would be pretty tough to do. You proved me wrong :)

Can't wait to see Penguin and Batman on a bike now, you've got me curious.