Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Is that a Hornet I spy?

First up I'm sorry for the late blog update but it was my birthday last week so I had alot on. I also damaged my hands in paintball! So I've been slow at sorting out figurines for people. Anyways Sinestro was next in line for the chop in the DC range and this guy I saw a perfect base for the Marvel villain: Yandroth!


Also I had yet another Rooftop Batman so I decided to go for someone totally different and I chose the Marvel hero: Hornet!

The HornetHornet

With Eaglemoss doing figurines for Buffy the Vampire Slayer I decided to add these to my custom collection and for every figurine EM release I will turn them into a civilian from the MU! First up was Buffy... I turned her into Mary Jane Watson.

Mary Jane Watson

You may have noticed that I'm now displaying my customs in a new way over in my archive. Please check them out. I have finally got a new display cabinet! Below I added a photo of 2 of my shelves.

My Custom Cabinet

And finally here's a photo of my hands from paintball! Their all OK now so I can begin sorting out some commissions for people. Sorry again for the wait.


Next time for the MMO is Black Adam! I can't wait to customise this guy!!!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

This is no Blackout... It's a Whiteout!!

First up thanks to everyone who tried their best to guess my Deathstroke MMO but I'm sorry to say no one guessed correctly! But this doesn't mean Shuma-Gorath is safe from future guessing games...! And on that note Deathstroke was transformed into an Enemy of Captain Marvel... This is Syphonn!

SyphonnSyphonn from the front

As well as Deathstroke getting a make-over so did a spare Raven I had. Remember awhile back I transformed her into Manta from the Imperial Guard. This time though I turned Raven into Whiteout!

WhiteoutThe African Violet

In the photo next to Whiteout is a commission I was asked to do awhile back for Marvelbeast and Marvelbeast mate accept this as a freebie from me! Also I glued my thumb to her base... So you have a nice thumb print on there haha! Priceless! Her name is The African Violet... She is in a team of superheros Marvelbeast created in the game: City of heroes. I made one of her team mates before: The English Rose. Looks like The Japanese Lilly is next.

Requested Artwork made for Marvelbeast featuring his best heroes

I'll be starting on afew more commissions next week and next up for the MMO is Sinestro! So watch out for him.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

P-P-P-P Pick up a Penguin!?!

This week I got my hands on DC's Penguin! Now some of you thought I'd have trouble marveling this guy up. But he was pretty easy to do and the character was a perfect fit. I took off Penguins umbrella and remoulded his arm. So the Penguin is now joining the rest of my customs as the villainous Harry Leyland from the X-Universe and member of the Inner Circle.

Another HarryHarry leyland

Also as some of you know I'm abit of a gamer! And with Halo Wars out last week for the Xbox 360 I feel behind with commissions etc... haha whoops! But I finally managed to get a clone army of Rogues sent off to their new owners... May I note these will be the last Rogues I do.

My clone army

The lucky new owners are: Mr. P, Chris. T and Psycho. Thanks for all the support and help guys with my customs and this place.

This is what EMs Rogue should have looked like!

Next week Deathstroke will face my files and brushes... But who in the MU will he be? Check back soon. Also if you want a good old chat about these collections then why not sign up here: http://thefigurineforum.forumotion.net/login.forum?connexion