Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Is that a Hornet I spy?

First up I'm sorry for the late blog update but it was my birthday last week so I had alot on. I also damaged my hands in paintball! So I've been slow at sorting out figurines for people. Anyways Sinestro was next in line for the chop in the DC range and this guy I saw a perfect base for the Marvel villain: Yandroth!


Also I had yet another Rooftop Batman so I decided to go for someone totally different and I chose the Marvel hero: Hornet!

The HornetHornet

With Eaglemoss doing figurines for Buffy the Vampire Slayer I decided to add these to my custom collection and for every figurine EM release I will turn them into a civilian from the MU! First up was Buffy... I turned her into Mary Jane Watson.

Mary Jane Watson

You may have noticed that I'm now displaying my customs in a new way over in my archive. Please check them out. I have finally got a new display cabinet! Below I added a photo of 2 of my shelves.

My Custom Cabinet

And finally here's a photo of my hands from paintball! Their all OK now so I can begin sorting out some commissions for people. Sorry again for the wait.


Next time for the MMO is Black Adam! I can't wait to customise this guy!!!


Mark Taylor said...

Fantastic customs as always ace. You still suprise me with your originality. Hornet and the other guy are both well painted and sculpted. As for MJ wow!!!!! Love the touch with the Spider-man mask

Nice to see your now attacking the Buffy collection aswell as the DC one

5 star as always!!!!

Gambit99 said...

Great work! How much would a Hornet set me back?

jimbob said...

WOW!all your collection together looks amazing,you do make all the characters look great

Nice work on Hornet!

James said...

Cheers guys. Glad you like my recent 3 figurines. Hornet price wise hmmm? Really just depends on how much I get a rooftop batman off of Ebay... But I'm sure we can work out a cool deal.

My hands are back to normal now haha! So I have begun work on my request list! First up is Destroyer. I'm gonna try and get as many commissions finished as on monday I'm off to Dublin! So once again I'm really sorry for the slow progress!

If anyone has any spare Marvel bases (any sizes) to trade/swap/sell please get in touch :D

Turnip said...

Hey you, love Hornet he's one of my favourites now! The others look really good too, I think its cool you're doing civilians from the MU - especially coz no one else will have any!

The pic of your cabinet looks great, can't believe how many customs you've done!!

Looking forward to the next batch :P

Turnip x

Marvelbeast said...

Hope your hands feeling better. I was wondering why you'd not updated for a while. You should consider insuring your hands if you're putting them at risk of stopping you making more customs ;)

The Hornet and Mary Jane are so spot on! Love them both. I don't know the other guy but looking at how accurate the other 2 are I can rest assured that he is completely authentic too.

10 out of 10 as always ;)

Marvelbeast said...

I forgot to say how lucky you are to have a girlfriend that not only lets you read comics and collect figurines but she also backs you in it.

I know a lot more women read graphic novels now but you're a lucky guy to have a girlfriend who doesn't want you to put them all in the attic :)

James said...

Thansk Marvelbeast mate. Always a pleasure reading your feedback. I have got African Voilet all packaged up and I'll send her out to you tomorrow. So you should get her monday? On that note I have found a perfect base figurine for the Jap Lilly!!

Rosie is amazing mate! If it wasn't for her I'd have given up on customising when SHFF put me through all that rubbish. I owe her alot and she is also pretty good at who is who in the MU :D - TBH I have no idea where I'd be without her.

Thansk again Marvelbeast

Graham Cherry said...

Told you i'd get 5 minutes spare at some stage...looks like you've been busy! lol MJ is amazing, if you decide to sell that figurine let me know ;-) Also very impressed with both Scarlett spider figures, glad to see your not running out of ideas yet.

Were you still up for making that commision for me that we discussed in Jan? (if you can remember anyway) lol let me know mate, and keep up the good work ;-)