Wednesday, 4 March 2009

P-P-P-P Pick up a Penguin!?!

This week I got my hands on DC's Penguin! Now some of you thought I'd have trouble marveling this guy up. But he was pretty easy to do and the character was a perfect fit. I took off Penguins umbrella and remoulded his arm. So the Penguin is now joining the rest of my customs as the villainous Harry Leyland from the X-Universe and member of the Inner Circle.

Another HarryHarry leyland

Also as some of you know I'm abit of a gamer! And with Halo Wars out last week for the Xbox 360 I feel behind with commissions etc... haha whoops! But I finally managed to get a clone army of Rogues sent off to their new owners... May I note these will be the last Rogues I do.

My clone army

The lucky new owners are: Mr. P, Chris. T and Psycho. Thanks for all the support and help guys with my customs and this place.

This is what EMs Rogue should have looked like!

Next week Deathstroke will face my files and brushes... But who in the MU will he be? Check back soon. Also if you want a good old chat about these collections then why not sign up here:


Turnip said...

Hey Mr, looking good!! As per usual my knowledge of the characters is minimal!! You wouldn't know it was the Penguin before. I also love the Army of Rogues its a wkd photo! Cu tomoro yay!! :) xx

Marvelbeast said...

Bloody hell, I spent ages thinking who you could turn him into! He's also a well known character. I thought it would have to be one of the very lesser knowns because of the body shape.

Excellent work as always. I cant see the penguin in him at all now.

James said...

Thanks you two! Penguin was a toughie in finding a Marvel character to replace him. I remembered Harry from The Dark Phoenix Saga and thought he was a top choice :D

Also as alittle bit of fun I would like people to guess who I'm going to turn Deathstroke into from the MU... If you guess right you can have my Shuma-Gorath custom as a prize!!!!

One guess each... (just post who you think in here). This will close on Sunday 7th at 10am....

So get guessing for a chance to win old Shuma-Gorath.

Good Luck

Mark Taylor said...

Great Harry mate! I agree with Marvelbeast. You'd never think he was the Penguin! As for my guess, I think this time around you're going for someone well known and that's why your confident :D

my guess is Deadpool

Wadders said...

Hey mate what a great conversion! The likeness is spot on and it was an inspired choice of base fig! I wondered where you had gotten to but then I saw Halo wars in Game and thought "ah yes he has gone into early hibernation with this game and about 200 bags of crisps :P"

As for Deathstroke I will guess a transformation into the silver samurai.

Stuu said...

I'm going to guess an oldie: Goldbug

Keep up the good work mate

Chris Towell said...

Hey James!

Just left you a note on Facebook but might as well leave one on here as well!

Thank you for the Ace Rogue! I will commence melting of the 'other one' later....

Marvelbeast said...

I have no idea who you're gonna turn him into so I'm going to go as obscure as I can. "Deadeye" who is an amalgam character of Deadshot and Bullseye.

Considering who much you can change a figurine it could end up being anyone but as I'd like to see more amalgam characters I'll pick one of them.

marvelhero said...

hi james mate another great conversion top class!also just like to say thanks for the anti venom custom you did for me he has fitted in superbly with my collection!right deathstroke?my guess is gemini .keep up the top work mate!

Symbiote Sam said...

Great stuff as always my friend. I love Shuma Gorath so I'm gonna guess Beyonder. Random character but then again your customs are lol :D

James said...

Thanks for the comments and guesses everyone. I just wanted to note that my GF 'Turnip' knows who I'm going to make so I'll in no way change my character if someone guesses correctly. The guy I wanna do looks superb as a character! Hope I can get that across with Deathstrokes pose! You'll have to wait and see

Marvelbeast said...

There hasn't been a custom you've done that I didn't want in my collection. When the collection finally comes to an end, which I hope is YEARS away, there is no doubt going to be characters that I have to have. You know who I'll be twisting the arm of to get them made.

Just remember that I asked now so that I can be at the front of the queue ;)

My niece has moved on now. Kids can be fickle, so Turnip doesn't need to get a hit-man to have her kneecapped ;)

jimbob said...

Wow glad i find ya.
Amazing work your figs have a real kick to them.

Hope you got my email got a list of requests.

Looking forward to your next work mate.