Sunday, 15 March 2009

This is no Blackout... It's a Whiteout!!

First up thanks to everyone who tried their best to guess my Deathstroke MMO but I'm sorry to say no one guessed correctly! But this doesn't mean Shuma-Gorath is safe from future guessing games...! And on that note Deathstroke was transformed into an Enemy of Captain Marvel... This is Syphonn!

SyphonnSyphonn from the front

As well as Deathstroke getting a make-over so did a spare Raven I had. Remember awhile back I transformed her into Manta from the Imperial Guard. This time though I turned Raven into Whiteout!

WhiteoutThe African Violet

In the photo next to Whiteout is a commission I was asked to do awhile back for Marvelbeast and Marvelbeast mate accept this as a freebie from me! Also I glued my thumb to her base... So you have a nice thumb print on there haha! Priceless! Her name is The African Violet... She is in a team of superheros Marvelbeast created in the game: City of heroes. I made one of her team mates before: The English Rose. Looks like The Japanese Lilly is next.

Requested Artwork made for Marvelbeast featuring his best heroes

I'll be starting on afew more commissions next week and next up for the MMO is Sinestro! So watch out for him.


Marvelbeast said...

WOW, wow, wow :)

Thanks so much for African Violet! She's going to look great next to English Rose.

She looks amazing, as does every custom you've made but she's even more special because of the fact that she is a character I made in City of Heroes. No one else will have a character like her.

If you wanted to you can post the picture I sent to you of her and English Rose on the comic cover, so everyone can see how well she looks like her original!

Thanks mate, I owe you a few pints or a good booze up in London when I've moved in a few weeks.

Nick (Marvelbeast)

Marvelbeast said...

I was so excited by African Violet that I forgot to say how great Syphonn and Whiteout look too!

James said...

Haha thanks mate! It's no trouble at all. I'm glad to help. Did you notice I highlighted her hands blue... Like the cover can't really see it in this photo but it looks cool!

Next time we're in London mate we'll pop over and say hi!

Cheers for the comments, I'm really glad you like her.... I'll add the cover in a tick

Turnip said...

Wow mr they're all amazing! Nice to see the finished products after I've only ever seen them in progress!! :) Also love that you're making characters that even you haven't heard of - must be really difficult but as always they're wkd! xx

Turnip said...

Also love that cover Marvelbeast! James next job is def Japanese Lily! xx

Mark Taylor said...

marvelbeast you're a lucky guy! Great figurines ace. Syphonn is quality and looks nothing like Deathstroke. Love your paint work mate. You're work is first class

Marvelbeast said...

I know I'm lucky :)

Not only do I have a comic cover of my game heroes but I now have 2 of them as fantastic figurines!!!

English Rose fits in with the Xmen and Avengers so well. She even looks great as part of the Justice League.

Now I can have her fit in even more because there will be two characters with similar costumes.

If you're a big kid like I am you'll know who thrilled I am.

jimbob said...

Nice one!the quality is amazing.

Lucky Marvelbeast.

What about making Desitiny out of Raven?

Looking forward on seeing more pics.