Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Red Ghost Rises!!!

Hello first things first... I've been doing customs a year!! Wooo! Now Captain Cold! I always had a Marvel villain in mind for this guy but I wasn't too sure if he was right due to the weapons Captain Cold holds... Then I found some art of the marvel guy holding Guns... So he was perfect and the person I chose from Marvel was Red Ghost. An enemy of the Fantastic 4.

Red GhostAnother angle

There has always been one DC figurine I've never wanted to do as ages ago I brought an Arcade custom of an old friend of mine. But something about it always bugged me.... So I did my own version and I found out what was missing.... His staff! So the Joker in now Arcade! But my version.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usCloser one of Arcade

The last time I went for a Superman Marvel Makeover I chose the similar Hyperion. But this time around I removed the cloak and did a little claying and transformed hm into: Photon.


Photon can also be found on Ebay along with another custom of mine: Fusion! So get bidding and good luck!!

Commissions now and I received a top email from a guy requesting Spot so I was very happy to get another one sorted for him and Also from my good friend Jimbob I was asked for a Boomerang custom. Which again I was very happy to do.

The Spot returnsBoomerang

I also got a unique request from another top guy: Woza! He asked for a Nimrod custom! Which I gladly did and here he is below...


And finally it's real nice to see other customisers taking to blogging their work. It's kinda sad though that when I first started out I was accused of copying the CMFC blog and I was even told I wouldn't last a month... It's always good to prove people wrong! Which just goes to show that I'm onto something good!!

Good luck with the bidding

FUSION and PHOTON are on Ebay NOW!!! Next time Aquaman stands to face my files and brushes!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Marvel: Fusion time!

It's been a busy one this week. But first I'll show you who I turned Black Adam into... This guy started as an enemy of Spider-Man and he is none other than: Fusion!

FusionBalck Death

I also have a few spare DC figs. So I am going to do a few Version 2's for DC/Marvel. The last time I attack the Green Lantern was almost a year ago, he was my second custom and this was Captain Marvel. But this time Green Lantern is now: Black Death!

Commissions now and Marvelhero asked for a Destroyer custom. So yet again I used a DC base figurine in the shape of Darkseid... I need a Marvel base for him and then he's yours Marvelhero.


And finally I highly recommend this forum ( not because I'm an admin on here but because the people on this forum are quality! It's a great place to talk about the Marvel/DC Eaglemoss collections. And finally this is all I have to say about all that recent hassel I've been getting: "What can't be cured, must be ignored".

My newest addition to my collection
Next time is a DC figurine I've been dreading.... Captain Cold! He sends a chill down my spine haha!