Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Red Ghost Rises!!!

Hello first things first... I've been doing customs a year!! Wooo! Now Captain Cold! I always had a Marvel villain in mind for this guy but I wasn't too sure if he was right due to the weapons Captain Cold holds... Then I found some art of the marvel guy holding Guns... So he was perfect and the person I chose from Marvel was Red Ghost. An enemy of the Fantastic 4.

Red GhostAnother angle

There has always been one DC figurine I've never wanted to do as ages ago I brought an Arcade custom of an old friend of mine. But something about it always bugged me.... So I did my own version and I found out what was missing.... His staff! So the Joker in now Arcade! But my version.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usCloser one of Arcade

The last time I went for a Superman Marvel Makeover I chose the similar Hyperion. But this time around I removed the cloak and did a little claying and transformed hm into: Photon.


Photon can also be found on Ebay along with another custom of mine: Fusion! So get bidding and good luck!!

Commissions now and I received a top email from a guy requesting Spot so I was very happy to get another one sorted for him and Also from my good friend Jimbob I was asked for a Boomerang custom. Which again I was very happy to do.

The Spot returnsBoomerang

I also got a unique request from another top guy: Woza! He asked for a Nimrod custom! Which I gladly did and here he is below...


And finally it's real nice to see other customisers taking to blogging their work. It's kinda sad though that when I first started out I was accused of copying the CMFC blog and I was even told I wouldn't last a month... It's always good to prove people wrong! Which just goes to show that I'm onto something good!!

Good luck with the bidding

FUSION and PHOTON are on Ebay NOW!!! Next time Aquaman stands to face my files and brushes!


Turnip said...

First to comment :P what a good gf haha. You have been busy you've done loads!!

I think they all look wkd, Nimrod is cool as are all your commissions!! I hope Photon and Fusion do well on ebay, they're really good they deserve to. I really like you're version of Arcade, its always good to do your own style, the staff looks wkd!

Can't believe you've been customising a year already!!

jimbob said...

They all look great!!!

Looking forward on getting Boomerang.Cheers

Marvelbeast said...

Nice work!

They all look great. The year has flown by! You started off with a natural talent and have just got better and better.

I usually have to go and look up the guys you make though because you really don't make the obvious choices :)

At least I know Red Ghost! Where's the apes? ;)

Mark Taylor said...

Fantastic update! Red Ghost you've captured perfectly. I really like them all and man Nimrod! Wow!

James said...

Thanks everyone for the comments. Yeah I had alot of free time over easter haha!

Thanks Marvelbeast. I'm glad you like the way I've displayed your characters in my archive... See I've left a space for the Japanese Lilly ;)

And Turnip you're a wicked GF :D

Symbiote Sam said...

Great customs as always Ace. I really envy woza for his Nimrod. Also love Red Ghost, Arcade, Photon etc.

I did notice other blogs too. Some are like a spit of yours lol!!!! You are deffinately onto something good as blogs are a far better media that a forum crib.

Keep up the fantastic work

Jayms said...

Another couple of nice pieces there James. Red Ghost is nice and one i'd like to see make the real collection at some point.

Not a huge fan of the Boomerang but nice effort there. obviously well thought out.

I agree that all creative practitioners should have a blog to show off thier work. Personaly i think a forum thread is better for crit though. Blogs are great for getting you wrok seen though.

Keep it up and enjoy.

James said...

Yeah I agree on that. I think more customisers should show off their work on blogs. I just find it funny how I got slated in the past for having one.

I once had a crib which was very cool in the day but it was always at the mercy of others as in admins. I find a blog (which I own)gives me massive freedom of speach and in turn gives everyone else the same. Also you can add cool features :D

Anyways Jayms mate it's good to hear from you. I got a monster of a scratch build coming up! Can't wait to show her off!!!!

Chris Towell said...

Once again Ace your customs have reached new limits of excellence. Well done mate! They all look brilliant, I love Arcade and Photon have to be my favourites so far (apart from my Rogue lol).

Keep up the brilliant work mate! I can see why you've not been on live in ages now lol