Sunday, 10 May 2009

An Atlantean Emperor sides with Gorilla-Man!

This week Eaglemoss released two DC figurines... They were Aquaman and Gorilla Grodd. I'll start this post with Aquaman's Marvel Makeover (MMO). I searched high and low for a figurine to fit the pose of Aquaman and I think I have found the prefect Marvel character to turn him into. I went for the former Atlantean Emperor.... Tha-Korr!


Now for Gorilla Grodd. This guy did have me stumpted for afew days as to who he could be from the Marvel Universe and then I remembered Gorilla-Man! Gorilla Grodd took aload of filing to get him to look like a plain old Gorilla and I have the blisters to prove it.

From GG to...... To Gorilla-Man

Finally. Thanks for the massive response to my 5th Scratch Build - The Phoenix Force. I have now finished my 6th! Below is a lil teaser photo of him. I'll reveal him next week.

Find out who I am soon!

Next for one of my MMO's is... Superboy Prime! Also expect to see some more commission pieces.... On commissions I am going to have a little break. So after I have completed Silver Centurion I will not be taking any requests for at least afew weeks. Hope that's cool with everyone. Thanks


Turnip said...

They've turned out really well! As per usual i dont know who they are haha. Tha-Korr looks cool tho, love the colours. The painting on both of them is really good! Looking forward to the big revelation of the scratch build on here! x

Symbiote Sam said...

Good to see you're still going strong with some really original and unique custom ideas. I particually like Gorilla-man. I can see why you got blisters lol!

Looking forward to your next scratch project. Thumbs up

Nintendanboo said...

I have to think that the scratch built is starro but going by your streak of scratch builts then not so obvious :P

Mark Taylor said...

Starro isn't he the starfish creature in the dcu? I don't know alot about him but he does look interesting.

As for your customs mate I'm really liking both. Especially Tha-Korr. I Love the spear head. How did you make it?

jimbob said...

Really nice work there mate!

Tha-korr looks great nice touch with the spear!:)

skirata_24 said...

Wow! They look really good! Keep up the good work, buddy.

James said...

Thanks everyone for the positive comments and welcome Skirata_24.

The spear-head was made from cardboard hardened with glue and some normal A4 paper haha! Sounds cheap but does the trick.

The next scratch build is from Marvel but nice guess Ninty - I had to look that guy up. I should have him posted up sometime tomorrow or wednesday.

Thanks again people :D

Carnage85 said...

Good job mate. Love your customs