Saturday, 2 May 2009

The Dark Phoenix Returns!!!

I've been meaning to do another Scratch build for a very long time now. I had some free time so thought I'd go for it! Here she is... Number 5! The Dark Phoenix (Phoenix Force)!

The Phoenix ForceThe Dark Phoenix

This scratch build isn't completely built by myself. Dark Phoenix herself is a re-paint of the original Phoenix figurine by Eaglemoss. But what's the Phoenix Force without the Dark Phoenix/Phoenix standing inbetween the flames? Having her there completes my Phoenix Force scratch build.

The begining of My PhoenixPhoenix Force

The hardest part of this sculpt was the Phoenix's wings! I eventually got them to dry out perfectly though. But having sculpted Set and Brood before really helped with how I achieved the look of the Phoenix Force.

I added flames to Dark Phoenix


Turnip said...

Wow!!! Thats amazing!!! I love the progress piccies, the finished thing is awesome! This is def my favourite now! xx

Wadders said...

Wow mate what a fantastic piece! The concept is brilliant and the Phoenix looks so professional! I really admire your patience and talent James your work is sublime, I hope EM is taking note because this sort of thing would sell so well in the CMFC.

Well done on this mate you should be really proud :)

jimbob said...

Oh my lord!!! that is one amazing sculpt mate!

Fantastic job as always!

Mark Taylor said...

Incredible mate! I agree with Wadders. CMFC should make sculpts like this. I wonder if they come on here? lol!!!

James said...

Thanks everyone. I'm really glad you like her. She took me on and off about 3 days. Which is like about 2 hours per day. I got another scratch build coming on here soon. So keep an eye or eyes (clue?) out for him.

Emperor Palpatodd said...

This is fantastic James! I'm really impressed with the Phoenix and the fire. Great bit of sculpting..I may have to put in a request myself.
Well done mate!

Jayms said...

Where did you get that base? it looks too big to be a standard spesial. Is it a Megaspesial base? also in the progress picks it looks like one of the EM production bases is that what it is?

Looks nice btw

James said...

Hey Jayms. Yeah it's a Mega Sized Special base. I got another scratch build coming up soon on another one! So look out for him.

Also yeah I finally have a load of different sized bases now... My plees for more bases has paid off :D

Thanks again everyone

Angela said...

Wooo Hooo!! I love it bro!! I knew it would look great! Cannot believe how quick you made it - you are wasted as a groundsman!! ;o)

Looking forward to seeing what is next xxxx

Symbiote Sam said...

Incredible mate, once again you have raised the standards for other customisers

Chris Towell said...

How do I get me one of these lol. Looks brilliant mate detail is amazing. Your scratch builds are getting better and better and I thought the Brood Warrior was bloody brilliant.

Carnage85 said...