Friday, 15 May 2009

I'm Orange... Agent Orange!

I thought I'd do a post this time just on customer pieces. I have 3 to show off and first up is a DC custom I was asked to do for Ninty. Ninty is a huge huge fan of Green Lantern and he asked afew customisers to sort him out some Lanterns for his collection. So here is what I was asked to do: Agent Orange!

Agent OrangeSide View

Ninty's custom blog can be found here and I recommend you check it out: Ninty's Customs. Not a lot of photos or information on the net about this guy (because he's new) But with the photos I had I tried my best at making a familiar looking Agent Orange. The photo below shows the base figurine and his sculpted (unpainted) head.

He was once Guardian

The next custom I did was Iron Man in his Silver Centurion Armour. Now this guy is heading for Ebay as I want to try and put someone on there each month. On the subject of Silver Centurion look out soon for another version coming from me as a customer piece.

SIlver CenturionAnother View

The last of the 3 is a character I have done before but Jimbob liked him so much I made another... Here is the Red Hulk.

Red HulkThis time I added veins in his neck

And finally. I don't wanna cause an arguement but I feel I need to defend the latest accusations from SHFF. This is what Grim had to say in yet another personal attack:
"when are you going to tell your LOYAL fans, who wait on every word YOU preach with bated breath, just exactly who at FP Portsmouth paints your figs for you? Any fool can see that there are two distinct painting styles; yours and A N Others........but what's the point me saying this, you'll only deny it and plead VICTIM"

All I have to say about this is the more you do something the better you get right? I sculpt/paint on average 4 customs aweek. So with every custom I learn new techniques and styles. I don't like getting stuck doing the same thing the same way. I will push myself to try new things. I first started using the drybrush effect properly on Miss America's cloak and I got more confident using it and now all my customs are drybrushed and I also now use a technique called blending. The best example of this can be seen on Agent Orange's lantern...

I'm gonna take what Grim said with a pinch of salt as at the end of the day it would seem that comment acknowledges that my customs have massively improved from last April.

DC Bases

One final thing. DC bases! I have loads! If anyone wants to swap some for Marvel bases then I'd be happy to trade. I got 37 reg size, 4 special size and 2 super special size. Oh and a Buffy one!


Ninty said...

ok now I can finally say how fucking great he is (pardon the french) but its needed on my part.

Cant wait for him to be on my shelf and with him being the sole owner of an ornage ring and all the other lanterns being constructs I have the full orange corps wooo :D:D

Cheers again for doing him me mate really happy with how he came out, and the suspense killed me waiting to see him :P

Symbiote Sam said...

LOYAL fan here lol! Really good work once again ace. Love Agent Orange. The paint work is first class.

Symbiote Sam said...

Forgot to say. Nice sculpt on his head too.

You get envious eyes in every line of work you do. I'd just completely ignore it

James said...

Cheers guys really glad you like him. Ninty mate I've touched up alot of areas on AO since I sent that photo to you. So he'll be a tad different... Better different mind you. I can send a bigger photo if you wish?

Does his lantern look ok? I couldn't get a decent pic of what his one looked like.. So I just used Green Lanterns old lantern.

Yeah the attacks I'm just gonna ignore but I can easy prove I paint my own customs if needs be.

Ninty said...

yeah the lantern looks ok, if i might be so cheeky but im making a base for him, if I sent it would you rebase him as id be scared to rebase it myself, if not thats ok.

I know Im a pain in the arse asking after you already rebased him but the idea only came last night lol was quite sudden, so sorry bout that.

James said...

No worries mate. Yeah just send it my way and I'll put it on for you. It'll cost you a tenna though... joking! You got my add right? If so just send it on and I'll let you know once it's done.

So no worries

Turnip said...

Love the work as always mr, looks like you're guna b a v.busy customizer the next few months!!

I must be your biggest loyal fan being your gf and all! I do think its a shame this rubbish keeps going on, i mean u all have the same interests its a pity everyone can't get along.

Looking forward to the next lot! x

Mark Taylor said...

exactually!! It's like anything, the more you do the better you get. Another loyal fan here :)

Great work on all three James. Agent Orange is a real striking piece

jimbob said...

Absoluetly stunning work mate!!!!

Agent Orange looks amazing!Would'nt mind one myself,maybe after you do the rest of my oders.;)

Wadders said...

Fantastic work as always mate I love how different they can look from their base figs :D

Ignore Grim's words he has it in for you that's all plus like we said there isn't even a forbidden planet in Portsmouth is there :P

James said...

Nope no FP in Portsmouth... Nearest one to me is Southampton haha! Not been to a FP for years though or any comicshop of that.

Cheers again for the comments

nickwild1 said...

Hi Mate,

I know it's been ages but moving house and all that involved has kept me busy!

Still living mostly out of boxes and still trying to find a place to put my figurines!!! I want them in the front room but there isn't any space!

Some great work here while I've been away. I really hope that we get at least one Lantern from each of the corps because I think they'd make a great lineup. By the time we get to issue 80 maybe the opthers will have a bigger history to make them worthwhile.


SantaclauS said...

very cool this agent orange good head , good paint

James said...

Hey nick. Good to see your're all moved and settling in. It's London where you've moved to right?

Thanks for the comment and whenever your ready I'll start work on Jap lilly.

Hey Santa good to hear from you. Thanks for the comment too :D

Banshee said...

Amazing sculpts James. I wish I had one iota of your talent. I would kill for most of these figurines to add to my collection. Great job, cant wait to see what you come up with next :)

Graham Cherry said...

Top work as always James, WTF is SHFF's problem now? didnt they ban you ages ago and yet they still wont let it lie?

Once again running a forum and my photography is taking up 90% of my time (wife the other 10% lol)

I was going to ask you to make Living Tribunal for me but I see your commisions are closed for now plus im about to spend £1000 on camera equipment so might need to wait! Keep up the good work as always mate will pop by well time allows ;-)

Mark Taylor said...

Do you buy 2 of each in the dc range ace?

James said...

Thanks Banshee/Graham mate. I'll put Living Tribunal on my to-do-list (I already have the base fig)for you bud and as for SHFF.. No idea? Bordum?

And I used to buy 2 of each from DC but stopped at Wonder Woman as it cost a bomb!! So I now just get the one from the newsagenst every 2 weeks.

marvelhero said...

once again some superb work james also thanks for doing me destroyer cant wait to put him with my other customs from you keep up the top work mate agent orange is a great custom and dont fear the reaper haha