Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Null The Living Darkness

Here he is! Scratch build number 6. This guy is better known for facing off against The Defenders & Ghost Rider. In the comics now unfortunately he ceases to exist! But he's alive and well in my collection. Here's: Null The Living Darkness.

Null The Living Darkness

Sculpting him was alot like sculpting Shuma-Gorath but on a bigger scale and with loads more arms and eyes.

Progress shots

Null The Living Darkness was based on a Super-sized Marvel base (same as The Phoenix Force) and the photo will help you understand just how big he is. He is shown alongside Overrider and Shuma-Gorath.

Quite a large chap

Next with my scratch builds I'm ready to build a human figurine from scratch and I'm also going to finally tackle Fing Fang Foom! But which version? The classic green or modern black? Let me know in the comments section. Before Superboy Primes fate is revealed I'll do a special post just on my latest 3 customer pieces. So watch out for that sometime next week! Cheers


Ninty said...

well werent I a looooong guess from starro :P whoever he is he looks funky :)great job on him.

Turnip said...

He's wkd!! Didn't quite realise how big he was compared to the others! Looking forward to the human scatch build! xx

Carnage85 said...

Awesome, another great fig mate. Can't wait to see Fing Fang Foom and on FFF I'd say his classic look

SantaclauS said...

great scratch ace

jimbob said...

Nice work James!Looks great!

James said...

Thanks guys/girl :P - yeah he's abit of a random one but thanks again for the comments.

I think I'm gonna go for the classic Fing Fang Foom next.