Friday, 22 May 2009

Prime to Omega!

The latest DC character to be released was Superboy Prime. I found a great Marvel character to turn him into and I went for Nova Omega! Now for something different.. I will show you some of my techniques and styles on how I did this in a mini guide.

Superboy PrimeNova Omega

The first thing I do with any figurine is remove all the removable bits. Like with Superboy Prime I removed his cloak but for a figurine like Jean Grey you can remove her arms and then it's just a case of re-gluing them. The reason why arms and things are removed is because it makes filling 100 times more easier. Once you've removed all the bits get the DC fig off of his base because this again opens up new angles for filling. Continue to clip off/file all the unwanted bits of the base figurine. Be careful though as when clipping pieces of metal will fly all over the show.

Remove the bits you don

TIP: For filling I don't recommend sandpaper! As I find it takes away the finer details and loses a lot of the base figurines muscle definition. Instead I use the 3 shape file set from Gamesworkshop.

Once your happy with the shape of your figurine you can then begin claying! Now you must look hard at your desired character and see what you need to add. So in the case of Nova Omega I added a belt, his mask and a new hair style... As the photo below shows.

Clayed up

TIP: I do smear a lot of my clay into position and use tools like toothpicks, pins and wire to get that fine detail.

Once you are 100% happy with all your clay work open up the oven or do what I do and turn on the hairdryer. Leave it for a good 10/20mins so your figurine in piping hot! Wait till he cools down and then you can begin to add most delicate bits like in the case of Nova Omega his Star on his head... I used cardboard.

fig 1 Base colourfig 2 First basic coat

TIP: I have never in all my customs removed the original paint work of the base figurine. I find no need to get this off before I begin painting.

I go straight into a full, all over coating of Black paint as my base colour (fig 1). Once this is dry I start a very light drybrush of the main colour and in Nova Omega's case it's blue (fig 2). I then lighten the blue with white and drybrush this on. I keep adding more and more white to my blue colours till I am almost putting on 100% white paint. But each time I drybrush I dry the brush on a tissue so much it's like I'm hardly putting on any paint!

Begin adding the next colourFianlly add details

Once I'm satisfied with the main colours I move onto the next most common colour on my custom and here it was yellow. So I used my darkest yellow first, drybrushed this on and then drybrushed on a lighter yellow and finally used a light drybrushing of Orange. Drybrushing yellow onto black mind does take quite a bit of paint but it does give off a cool gritty effect.

TIP: I always work from the head down when painting!

So with each main colour areas are to your satisfaction you can then begin adding details with a fine brush.

Side viewFront view

That's pretty much it. Every customiser is different and will use different techniques. All the above works well for me and if any other customisers have any tips then please share them. Soon I will continue this on a 'live' video over the web showing you that I can and do paint all my customs. It may also help you to see my painting style so then what I do may help you out with your customs. I'll post more on this once I am ready and set-up for a live custom painting. I'll be painting Silver Centurion from his first base colour right through to the finished product.

Next week see some new customer pieces... Another scratch (with a difference) and look out for Hawkman's MMO!


Turnip said...

Well how about that mr teacher man! Step by step guide! He looks really cool, good to see how he was done in stages. I've told u to do that for ages :P x

Marvelbeast said...

Great work!

As usual you can't tell who the original figure was.

Yeah I moved to London. Right in the centre almost. In N1 in Islington, so near to everything.

Bit of a culture shock after 4 years in Manchester but I'm glad to be home again. I liked Manchester but had a run of bad luck all the time I lived there.

I'm a council tenant and did a mutual exchange. The place I've got is fantastic. All the other houses on the street are privately owned and the same flat I've got in another house recently sold for nearly £400k!!!!

I think it's probably one of the best council flats in the country! And my rent is less per month then other people around here are paying per week. Most of them are rich enough to not notice it though :)

So hopefully this is the beginning of my luck taking a turn for the better.

As soon as I can get someone to put my shelves back up I can start unpacking my figurines. I'm almost scared to look in case of breakages but I did wrap them well in bubble wrap and layered them between cushions so, fingers crossed!

Take care mate and say "Hi" to Turnip :)


P.S. I'll definitely get you to make Japanese Lily once I've sorted out my other figs.

jimbob said...

Another excellent job!!!!

It great when people do the step by step with these things.I really enjoyed on how you achived this custom.

James said...

Hey missy. Thanks for posting. I can't wait to see you later!!! Yeah it was a top idea and I was going to save it for when I did my year of my blog post but I have something cool lined up for that.

Really glad things are going good for you Marvelbeast. You deserve it after all that rubbish. And it sounds like your figurines got the VIP treatment - as they should when moving house haha. Yeah let me know about Jap Lilly. I put her on my list so she will deffo be done.

Thanks Jimbob mate. Gonna get Red Hulk off to you today and do you have any ideas how I can do a live video feed of a custom? I thought MSN... But is there anyother ways

Ninty said...

hey mate nice tips, and nice custom, no clue who he is yet again.

And glad to see im not the only one who uses a needle etc for detail. Ive got sculpting tools but camt use them, give me a needle and Im away lol

Mark Taylor said...

Great guide and another top conversion

Rob said...

I was a little doubtful at first about how you achieve such a high quality from your work. But, now that I've seen how you do it I am extremely impressed and may put in a few requests myself. Good work!

Bobbyvjay said...

Would be good to see a video diary of a custom, I'm always looking on You Tube for painting skills, but they are normally on GW miniatures and can skip along a bit to fast.

James said...

Thanks everyone yeah I'm looking forward to it. I'll let you all know with plenty of notice when I plan to go online and show you my techniques