Saturday, 20 June 2009

Blue Beetle Transforms...

The big update begins! First up is Blue Beetles MMO (Marvel Makeover if your a new visitor). I found a perfect Marvel character for this guy and when I did a custom of Black Death I found his Nemesis... Gravity! This hero in my eyes was a perfect character for Blue Beetle to morph into.

Gravityfrom the side

Got afew customer pieces to show in this update and I'll start off with a guy I customed for Dean. This is Silver Centurion.

Silver Centurion 1Side

The next piece is an old X-Men foe... Mimic! This one was made for a top guy called: Martin.

Mimic 1Side View

And the final custom piece was another Rogue... I know I said I'm not doing anymore but Jimbob has brought loads of figurines off of me so I thought why not! And now she is my final Rogue as a customer piece... But I will make one more... For Ebay!

RogueRogue again

Next week my Marvel vs Capcom 2 battle begins! You have a week to challenge me and it's just a one round game... As well you do have 3 characters per team. I will be challenging anyone between the dates given between 7pm-8pm everyday awaiting your challenges. My team usually consists of: Cable, Iron Man and Cyclops! MARVEL all the way!!! And I'm 100% confident that I can't be beaten. But if somehow you do you could win 1 custom from this list: The Spot, Black Death, Photon and Captain Universe.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Right! My Live cam feed will be shown here: - I'm only doing this to prove to people on SHFF that I do paint my own customs. It'll be a bit boring seeing a guy sitting there painting a fig but it will also I guess give other customisers some helpful hints/tips. I'll give out plenty of notice as to when I'm all set and ready.

My new tool

This tool is my new awesome toy for sculpting. So it's farewell to cocktail sticks! The next DC figurine for the chop is: Bizarro! So look out for him. Also I'd like to say a BIG thank you to all the support that I've had by email, on here and on other forums across the Internet. I really appreciated it and I'm glad you enjoy my work. I'm also looking for someone to trade or sell me some Supersized Marvel bases!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Throg: God of Thunder!

Here's my latest Scratch Build. For those of you keeping count he's my 8th Scratch. Like my Rooftop Shuma-Gorath I had a spare Rooftop base so I thought I'd get Throg on the rooftop waving his hammer in the air. So this is Rooftop Throg.

Throgfrom the back

As you can see Throg isn't to scale to the other figurines. Much like Galactus from Eaglemoss. With Galactus he would have been massive and as with Throg he would have been tiny. So I had to make him bigger than normal. Finding photos of Throg was pretty hard so I based his face on a Whites Tree-Frog.... I'm abit of a nature geek you know!

Close up

I hope you like him and look out for the 9th Scratch build coming soon! Like I said before this Scratch will once again feature Shuma-Gorath.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

My next update will give information on my live webcam feed of me painting a custom, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 challenge information, 3 customer pieces and the fate of Blue Beetle... So it'll be a big update!

Friday, 5 June 2009

It's time to face the Tribunal!!!

I'll start this post with the latest from the DC Marvel makeovers. This time it was the turn of Hawkman. I went for an old marvel hero called: Blue Eagle. I think the sculpt of Hawkman was perfect for Blue Eagle.

HawkmanBlue Eagle

As you can see I got rid of Hawkmans mace and replaced it with Blue Eagles shield. Hope you like him. On the customer piece side I finally got around to finishing Living Tribunal for Graham Cherry.

Living TribunalFrom the side

And finally a sneak peak at my 8th Scratch Build... I finished him last weekend but he won't be shown till next week... Any ideas...?

An eye

Next for the Marvel makeover is Blue Beetle... I'm looking forward to making over this guy!!!