Friday, 5 June 2009

It's time to face the Tribunal!!!

I'll start this post with the latest from the DC Marvel makeovers. This time it was the turn of Hawkman. I went for an old marvel hero called: Blue Eagle. I think the sculpt of Hawkman was perfect for Blue Eagle.

HawkmanBlue Eagle

As you can see I got rid of Hawkmans mace and replaced it with Blue Eagles shield. Hope you like him. On the customer piece side I finally got around to finishing Living Tribunal for Graham Cherry.

Living TribunalFrom the side

And finally a sneak peak at my 8th Scratch Build... I finished him last weekend but he won't be shown till next week... Any ideas...?

An eye

Next for the Marvel makeover is Blue Beetle... I'm looking forward to making over this guy!!!


Symbiote Sam said...
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Symbiote Sam said...

Nice customs mate. Am looking forward to seeing your next scratch. Looks like a lizard???

James said...

Thanks bud. Glad you like. Did you make the first post yeah? The deleted one?

Ninty said...

They both look great dude, Ive seen a Blue Eagle from Angel and looked crap. Your version is much much better.

No clue who living tribunal is but looks kool.

Im stumped at who that image is of, im positive thats not foom though.

Ninty said...

haha just had an idea lol is that sneak of Thor the thunder frog :P

jimbob said...

Excellent work james!

Symbiote Sam said...

Yeah mate I totally screwed up on my spelling lol!

James said...

No worries bud. I thought it was someone leaving horrible feedback - phew :P!

Ninty.... You might just be right haha!

Turnip said...

Hey mr mwah ha ha i obviously know who the scratch build is but i promise not to blab! Good stuff as always, hadn't seen the finished Blue Eagle he looks great! x

Graham Cherry said...

Ninty - no clue who the Living Tribunal is? he's the daddy! lol Im well chuffed with him James, wasnt expecting his head to be floating thought that would be very awkward to do.

He will take pride of place with the rest of my cosmics ;-)

James said...

Glad you like him Graham mate. I might have to package his head seperate... Will let you know.

Thanks again for all the comments