Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Throg: God of Thunder!

Here's my latest Scratch Build. For those of you keeping count he's my 8th Scratch. Like my Rooftop Shuma-Gorath I had a spare Rooftop base so I thought I'd get Throg on the rooftop waving his hammer in the air. So this is Rooftop Throg.

Throgfrom the back

As you can see Throg isn't to scale to the other figurines. Much like Galactus from Eaglemoss. With Galactus he would have been massive and as with Throg he would have been tiny. So I had to make him bigger than normal. Finding photos of Throg was pretty hard so I based his face on a Whites Tree-Frog.... I'm abit of a nature geek you know!

Close up

I hope you like him and look out for the 9th Scratch build coming soon! Like I said before this Scratch will once again feature Shuma-Gorath.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

My next update will give information on my live webcam feed of me painting a custom, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 challenge information, 3 customer pieces and the fate of Blue Beetle... So it'll be a big update!


Ninty said...

hey mate he looks great and I guessed right..

Now wheres my prize :P kidding lol

But he looks good better than anything I could ever do so I think my version of him is being scrapped lol luckily I didnt really start him.

James said...

You sure did bud :D - good guess. cheers for the comment but noo way scratch your throg... Keep at him. I wanna see how he turns out :D

Mark Taylor said...

WOW! Thor Frog looks amazing. Well done!!! On another note I'm going to give it a shot at customs. I'm dipping my toe into unknown waters lol!

jimbob said...

No way!!!!Thats very cool mate!!

Never thought Thor Frog could make a great fig.I love it!!!!

Spider said...

Great model mate.

Are you taking custom orders yet?

Turnip said...

Check out the jazzed up blog, v.cool mr! Throg is cool, excellent wk as always mr :P

James said...

Glad you guys like. Not taking any requests at the mo spider but I'll let you know when I do. I wanna finish off my working list first.

Glad you noticed my jazzed up banner :D - thanks Turnip xx

Ryan Maxwell said...

My favorite piece you've done so far (and that's some tough competition!)! Outstanding work.

jarvis69 said...

Thor Frog is....Waooo ! and for a French like me....frogs....lol

James said...

Cheers Ryan and Jarvis. Glad you both like him. I'm gonna be doing a new range in Ace Customs soon.... I got two in the pipline I wanna make and one is pretty epic haha!

Ryan bud are you still doing customs?